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zesty supreme

Zesty supreme
Start by boiling the pasta , draining it and run cool water over it until it is cool.
While the pasta is boiling peel and chop the cucumber, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and turkey roni.
In a large bowl pour the zesty Italian dressing over the pasta ans mix well
Add the the cucumber, tomatoes, cheese and turkey pepperoni and mix well
I discovered this salad supreme mix shortly after I got married in 1999 and started making a good Zesty Pasta Salad with it. This dish has morphed over the years and I have added ingredients and taken away, figuring out what we liked. Finally I have the perfect summer side , It has only taken 19 years , lol. My only advice when making this salad is beware , it is addictive !!
Add the salad supreme and Parmesan cheese to the pasta and mix well
The weather in southern Louisiana has been on 70’s and beautiful! This time of year on the weekends we are either boiling crawfish or barbecuing. We use any excuse to sit outside and soak in the weather , this past weekend was no exception. This Zesty Pasta Salad supreme is one of my all time favorite salads. Seriously, I will usually hide the leftovers in the fridge so I can nibble on it for a few days all by myself. This is one of those salads I never grow tired of and make it several times a year.
This is a simple salad with very simple ingredients.
Cover and chill for a few hours and give a good stir before serving
This easy Zesty Pasta Salad is great for any ocassions . It is full of freshness and just oozes the taste of summer with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.
Zesty supreme
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