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xcube ultra review

The OLED screen is located on the top of the device like most SMOK devices and is bright and easy to read. The up and down buttons are big enough and easily compressed with little effort. The plus and minus indicators are etched next to the up and down buttons but because the buttons change when you flip the screen orientation, I’m not sure why they decided to include these markings. All of my Atomizers have been fitting flush with no back and forth movement thanks to the Stainless Steel 510 connection and the spring loaded 510 pin.

Overall, the X Cube Ultra is an amazing improvement over the previous SMOK X Cube II and I believe the X Cube Ultra will be the flagship model for SMOK moving forward. It’s a very customizable, rock solid, superior performing box mod that just flat out gets the job done. There’s absolutely no fire delay or misfires, and provides unlimited power up to 220W . My only gripe is it’s a big square box (mod). It isn’t the most comfortable mod to hold. And when firing a really hot build, the OLED screen fogs up constantly so I’m always wiping it off. Neither of these are a deal breaking problem for me and I can see myself purchasing the Stainless Steel model as a backup.

SMOK has been releasing incredible devices one after the other these past few months. Sure, like eLeaf, Joyetech, WISMEC, and even Aspire, a rush to marke t before the August 8th FDA Deeming Regulations kicked in, they’ve almost had to get their new products out the door and into the marketplace. But, unlike some, SMOK’s products have been one delight after another (mostly).  After much anticipation, and being one of the most wanted mods by the masses this year, SMOK presents the X Cube Ultra 220W TC OTA Box Mod. SMOK has had ample time creating the ultimate dual battery mod that not only improves on the X Cube II but is strongly competitive with all the high-performance devices currently on the market. There’s been a lot of talk about the SMOK X Cube Ultra and finally I’m able to use it, review it, and enjoy it. Now I have enough information and first-hand experience to let you know if the X Cube Ultra was truly worth the wait.
The OTA (Over-The-Air) Bluetooth V4.0 function is nothing new from SMOK but makes it very convenient to wirelessly upgrade the firmware and make other adjustments through the Vaping Tour App . Make sure to download the app from the Google or Apple Store. Activate Bluetooth on the X Cube Ultra menu, then open the Vaping Tour App. Click the top left icon then select My Vaporizers. The app should recognize your device and once clicking on it will ask for a password. After doing some searching, the default password for all OTA SMOK devices is 000000, six zeros. Once it gives you access, you are able to change that six digit password to your preferred arrangement, which I highly recommend. Very useful feature and be sure to utilize this excellent platform to get the most from SMOK products!
The RGB LED lighting feature between the fire bar and chassis is back from the X Cube II and really is a fun little feature to have available. I’m not too fond of flashy lights or extra unnecessary functions but I find myself playing around with the lighting more than I thought I would. You can really tweak the LED colors with the RGB (Red, Green & Blue) setting by changing certain percentages of one and/or adding to another. You can adjust how fast the colors jump between each other and how fast the shading effect fades in and out. This is one of those features that I probably won’t use often but it is cool to know it’s there just in case I want to show off.
I love how the fire button takes up the whole side of the device! Unlike the SMOK H-Priv that could only be fired towards the top of the device, you can fire it pretty much anyway you see fit on the X Cube Ultra. It’s easy to push but has enough resistance so it feels solid, not cheap or flimsy. I would think there’d be some rattle because of the big fire button pivoting in different directions but it’s not going anywhere. When physically trying to move it, it does have a tiny amount of side to side play but it’s made that way so it can be fired comfortably from different angles. The X Cube Ultra is a big device and just barely rounded on the corners. So it’s not the most comfortable mod to hold for long periods of time, but the ease of firing counterbalances the shape and feel, for me anyway. It weighs 298g with batteries installed and is a 12% weight reduction over the X Cube II as well as 10% smaller in overall size.
The micro USB is located on the bottom for firmware upgrades (after double checking, mine came updated with the current firmware) and 1-2A battery charging; yet another small improvement over the X Cube II. When plugged in to charge the display screen shows the percentage the batteries are currently charged to. Thanks to the X3 Chipset the SMOK X Cube Ultra has balanced charging just in case one battery discharges more than the other or you start off with unmarried or unbalanced batteries. (Always marry your dual or triple mod batteries for safety and longevity) CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

From the moment the SMOK X Cube Ultra boots up you’re stunned by a soft vibration when first powering on the device. This new Vibration Feedback feature SMOK introduces here provides something new and a little exciting. It creates an interesting sensation that’s never been implemented in a vaping device before now. You can customize the vibration or ‘Shake’ in the settings menu . Being able to turn the vibration on and off for things like attaching an Atomizer, checking an Atomizer, powering on and off, max puffs (if you set a limit) and a warning shake for error codes is very innovative and I must admit, very clever. If you don’t want the vibration on at all, you can turn it off or change it from minimum (soft vibration), middle or maximum (stronger vibration). This vibration feedback being something completely new really threw me off my game at times thinking there was something wrong with the mod every time it vibrated.

SMOK X Cube Ultra is a technologically advanced mod that offers more bang for the buck then any previous X Cube. An in-depth Review

Xcube ultra review

One of the main times you’ll need to interact with the mod in day-to-day vaping is when you switch to a new atomizer. As soon as you do, the screen flashes up asking you if you’ve attached a new coil, and you simply choose “Y” or “N” using the adjustment buttons. Choosing “Y” will prompt the device to read the resistance of the coil, but choosing “N” will keep it at the previously-read resistance. Then all you have to do is choose your mode. Unless you want to make specific changes – for example, setting the coil material in TC mode – you can do this with the firing-bar-and-minus-button shortcut.

Unfortunately, there is no option to freely adjust the “ramp up” wattage that the device fires at. However, you can adjust the “Strength” in TC mode, which approximates the same thing reasonably well. For example “Min” strength starts you off at 30 W, “Soft” is 40 W and so on up to “Max” at about 70 W. Although most TC devices offer the option to set this at any level you want, for practical purposes this is almost as good.
The X Cube Ultra’s menu system follows the standard format for Smok mod menus. Three presses of the fire button takes you to the menu system, where one option is displayed on-screen at a time and you can scroll through by either pressing the firing bar or using the adjustment buttons. To advance to the next sub menu, you can either wait for a few seconds without pressing anything, or you can press and hold the firing bar.

The Bluetooth feature on the original X Cube has been preserved for the X Cube Ultra, allowing you to connect your mod to your smartphone. This can be used to adjust your setting, to customize the color of the firing bar’s LED and even to upgrade the device’s firmware using the Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality. This is hardly a feature vapers were clamoring for, but it’s a nice little extra regardless, particularly for the firmware updates.
By Lee Johnson Posted November 15, 2017
The OLED display on the X Cube Ultra is clear and easy-to-read, with your main setting and a battery life icon at the top, and a puff counter (or wattage in TC mode), your hit strength setting, the resistance of your coil and the voltage your mod is firing at. When you enter the menu, each option is shown on screen individually, and you can cycle through them by either pressing the fire button or using the adjustment buttons. The X Cube Ultra’s display screen is great, overall – well-presented, clear and simple.
You don’t need to enter the menu for everything, either. Pressing the fire bar and the right (+) adjustment button changes your hit strength and pressing the fire bar and the left ( − ) adjustment button changes your mode. This makes it really easy to make the most basic changes you’ll need to.
The battery door on the X Cube Ultra is fairly simple but it gets the job done pretty well. It’s a simple flat cover that curves around slightly to the back of the mod, with a fingernail-sized section cut out at the upper-right edge so you can pull it open. Inside, there are two slots for your batteries, and above them two circular magnets are placed to match up with another two on the inside of the battery door. There’s a piece of ribbon to sit underneath the batteries to help with removal. To replace the battery door, you make sure the hook at the bottom of the inside matches up with a spot at the bottom of the battery slot and then swing the rest of it closed.

The adjustment buttons are just next to the display screen, on the same side as the firing bar. The positioning is a little unusual, but it’s easy enough to reach them with either a finger or a thumb when holding the mod.

Our Smok X Cube Ultra review takes a look at the dual-battery box mod from one of the biggest names in vaping. But is it really worth buying?