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world cannabis cup 2016

World cannabis cup 2016

2nd Place — Cookies N’ Cream Dry Sift Pre-Rolls by Wizard Wands

2nd Place — Dragon Haze by Zeki Farms
2nd Place — Cannatonic Oil by Gold Drop with Blue River

3rd Place — Sour Diesel Nug Run Shatter by Rich Extracts
2nd Place — Vanilla Macaroons by Utopia Farms with Los Angeles Kush and CHR
2nd Place — Banana Pie Extra Virgin Rosin by The Clear and DNA Genetics
3rd Place — The Farm by Cali Kush Farms / Kind Center / Unregistered Extracts
1st Place — Michigan Organic Rub powered by Loyalty Extracts by Herbal Solutions / Michigan Organic Rub

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The 2016 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup was held on October 8th and 9th at the NOS Center in San Bernardino.

World cannabis cup 2016

BEST DISSOLVENT EXTRACTION: 1st Nort Coast Grower – El Kano Valley / 2nd Exclusive Seeds Bank – Cheese Critical / 3rd Exclusive Seeds Bank – Lemon Haze

In 1992, Derry came back to Amsterdam where he opened the coffee shop Barney’s, bringing back with him the seeds he got during his trips to the Himalaya.
BEST SATIVA: 1st Exotic Seeds – Exotic Thai / 2nd Ripper Seeds – Acid Dough / 3rd Serious Seeds – Bubble Gum

BEST AUTOFLOWER GENETICS: 1st Exotic Seeds – Monster Hash / 2nd Exotics Seeds – Black Lemon / 3rd Barneys Farm – Blue Cheese
BEST INDICA: 1st Pheno Finder Seeds – Sour Walker / 2nd Plantformers – Lechee Cookies / 3rd Green House Seeds
For the 40th anniversary of the brand, Expogrow gives special merits to its founder, Derry, Barney’s Farm owner. Originally from Ireland, Derry travelled half of the world. He started his cannabis seeds collection in the 80’s upon his numerous trips in Asia, Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burman, Vietnam and China.
Nowadays, Barney’s Farm is known world wide as the leader in the production of high quality feminized seeds. Always in advance, Barney’s is willing to make the culture, industry and world of seeds move forward by continuing the research and analysis of autochthonous genetics.

Discreet and fighter, Henk de Vries diversified his investments and is now the owner of several hotels in Canada and Netherlands. Expogrow wants to greet his work and reward the brand.

V Expogrow Cannabis Cup Best Sativa: 3º Serious Seeds – Bubble Gum 2° Ripper Seeds – Acid Dough 1° Exotic Seeds – Exotic Thai Best Indica: 3° Green House