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will drinking water help me pass a drug test

Will drinking water help me pass a drug test

Even if you do manage to avoid a second test, it’s likely that you’ll be flagged by your place of work and possibly subjected to further, more random testing down the line. You could get away with it this time, but is the ongoing fear and worry really worth it?

If you have trace amounts of a drug in your system, it will be detected. Maybe you’ll sneak through the first time, but you definitely won’t be that lucky forever. All the dilution and detox might tilt the scales in your favor, especially if you have time to prepare, but, eventually, you’ll get caught.
Of course, you could go further. You could do an intense workout or take supplements to raise your creatine levels before the test and make it seem like your pee isn’t diluted. At that point, you probably could pass a basic drug test.

For many ordinary people, this means a lot of hassle. Most businesses won’t tell you exactly what they’re testing for and in what amounts, leaving their staff in a constant state of anxiety and confusion, even if they’re only a one-time user. As a result of this confusion, many myths have surfaced about what exactly will show up in a test—and how to beat it.
That solution is the Clear Test Synthetic Urine Kit. Formulated to appear identical to urine and easy to discreetly use in any situation, this is the one way that will pass both visual and lab testing with flying colors. With heat pads and two vials included, you’ll never be caught out by a random test again.
There are plenty of other theories circulating about drug tests, what they can detect, and how best to beat them. Most of them are based only on hearsay or misinformation and can cause a lot of unnecessary stress or false hope. These include:
There is one way to beat the test, and it’s the simplest, most elegant solution of them all. Instead of giving them your urine to analyze, you need to give them a clean sample. Fake pee kits for drug tests contain all the normal human biological markers they’re looking for—like creatine—but without a single toxic trace.
Despite the growing acceptance of marijuana across North America and abroad, more and more American companies are electing to screen their employees with mandatory drug testing.

Creatine is a protein that is released by muscles during normal day-to-day activities, and it is also passed out of the body as urine. Almost every healthy person has a concentration of creatine in urine that falls within a specific range. So, if they test the creatine and it falls out of that range, they can be pretty sure that you’ve had far too much water.

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