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whooody strain

Whooody strain

Maybe you are ready for a new strain that will be an aromatic surprise. Well, surprise! We’ve got you covered. Pineapples, mangoes, strawberry, mmm, mmm, mmm.

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People seeking new medicinal CBD strains will be happy with our Chocolate Tonic CBD and Guava Jelly CBD varieties. Happy may be an understatement. These two CBD strains are truly new and exciting!

5. Guava Jelly CBD
The smell of tropical Guava comes from our newest exotic strain, Guava Jelly CBD, a rare indica dominant strain from the mountains of Afghanistan. Unique, and easy to grow, it’s also a 2:1 CBD strain created by Hawaiian Seed Company. Guava Jelly is a good CBD strain for daytime or nighttime, smells fruity with undertones of sandalwood, and may even fan the flames of your creativity.
8. Strawberry Cheesecake
The sweet strawberry scent is heavenly in Humboldt Seed Company’s Strawberry Cheesecake strain, an indica-dominant hybrid suitable for daytime use. If you appreciate a giggly strain, we recommend Strawberry Cheesecake. This delightful variety was bred crossing Purple Panty Dropper and the Forum Cut of GSC. You can expect dense GSC-like flowers from Strawberry Cheesecake. Save room for Strawberry Cheesecake when you shop Dark Heart Nursery clones at a California dispensary near you.
2. Mirage
The mighty Mirage is fantastic to grow if you need a strain ideal for improving mood, socializing, relaxing, reducing anxiety. Many with PTSD benefit from Mirage. Smelling of lemons, it’s no surprise the genetic lineage of Mirage is Lemon G x Dr. Hoffman. Mirage grows tall, yields heavy, and is another great strain for beginners. The Mirage strain also comes from NERDS genetics.
6. Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Pineapple Upside Down Cake is a sweet-smelling, easy-to-grow and uplifting sativa dominant strain prized for its alarmingly loud pineapple aroma. We love it for daytime use or after work. This strain is a cross of Pineapple Trainwreck x Cookie Monster and comes from Humboldt Seed Company.
Almost everyone loves growing a heavy-yielding strain. Can you blame them? So if you’re looking for new heavy-yielding strains, Dark Heart Nursery has just the trifecta for you: Mirage, Midnight Splendor, and WhoOody (pronounced “whoa-die”). All three will not disappoint — it’s just a matter of which will suit you or your customers needs. Or just grow all three.

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