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who is karla kush

Who is karla kush

Karla: On Twitter, I’m @KarlaKush420. I don’t have a Tumblr or an Instagram. I also have a couple content sites and

CJ: Do you have any favorite scenes?
Karla: Pretty much instantly. The way it’s set up for bigger companies, you go into hair and makeup and wardrobe and you’re immediately surrounded by 10 other girls who are getting their makeup done, who are getting changed, like showing their nakedness to all the other people. It’s sort of like going into a locker room and everybody’s changing and the first few seconds you feel a little weird and think, ‘Ahhh, I shouldn’t be looking! How should I act?’ And then you see that nobody cares and nobody’s looking at you and no one cares if you’re looking at them and then the awkwardness goes away.

Karla: Erik is in his mid-to-late 30s and he doesn’t really look that old. I’m very picky with male talent, I have to approve them beforehand. With women, I don’t care. But with men, it takes a lot for me to be turned on by a guy. Older men can’t look too old and it depends on how they perform as well. I worked with Steven St. Croix and that’s probably the oldest guy I probably feel comfortable working with. But he’s a really good performer and he’s a really good actor. We also get placed in movies together because we’re good with dialogue. That’s another factor, some of the guys who are good with dialogue won’t be the cute young ones.
Karla: I really do like creampies but I only do them with my boyfriend. As far as on camera, I like it on my butt and I like it on my stomach. Face is ok, it’s actually kind of hot but I have a fear of getting it in my eyes so I think it takes away from the pleasure of that.
Karla: It depends on how often I shoot. If I’m not shooting much, I’ll do it everyday. But if I’m shooting a lot, then it will be less. But if I’m off work, it’ll be everyday.
Karla: Actually it was a little bit different than that. My first shoot was with a smaller company, it was for Team Skeet, and they just shoot POV stuff. So there was no one in there, just you and the guy who’s directing and performing. He had a little Go Pro camera and it was just me and him, one on one. Honestly, I think it was really good because I think it would have been kind of weird to go on the sets I go to now where there’s tons of people. There’s a lighting guy and a sound guy and the director and 5 different camera guys. It’s a lot more like you’re on a stage whereas my first shoot was just kind of private. It was good because it was easier but then it did seem a little shadier to me. I thought, ‘Is this real? Or am I just being a prostitute right now?’ (laughs) It didn’t feel like I was doing porn, for a second, I was unsure but at the same time, I think it was nice that it was more quiet and simple.
Karla: We were off-an-on for awhile because it was high school. And when we broke up, we would both kind of go and have fun. But I was very concerned about keeping my reputation. I’m very traditional, despite being a porn star, I’m very traditional in lots of senses. I wasn’t crazy and promiscuous, it was really important to me that I didn’t have a lot of people on my record that I had sex with. I wanted to keep my number very low. When I was in high school and even when I got out of school, I wanted to count everybody I had sex with and keep it a low number. I’d say no, it didn’t really open up any floodgates. I wanted to stay a good girl and only have sex with my boyfriend.

CJ: I loved you in Cute Little Babysitter 4. You just played a sexy little seductress in that one who seduces Erik Everhard!

Karla Kush Interview Captain Jack interviews Karla Kush Karla is a very attractive blonde with a very healthy sexual appetite. She is very much bisexual and in the few scenes I’ve viewed, I’ve