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Most cannabis strains do have a couple of minor negative side effects, and White Widow is no different. Many people experience dry mouth and eyes while smoking. Most smokers agree the best thing about this strain is how the side effects manifest. The cerebral effects come on first to ease stress, and by the time they’re in full effect, the full-body feeling begins. White Widow contains between 15 and 20 percent THC and is considered a medium-strength strain.

In addition to possible pain-relieving side effects, some people who suffer from anxiety, depression or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder report a reduction in symptoms when smoking White Widow.
World-famous for more than two decades, White Widow is a potent cannabis strain available everywhere from American marijuana dispensaries to quaint coffee shops in Amsterdam. The legendary strain is so popular that people used it to breed several other potent strains, including White Rhino and Blue Widow. This quick guide to White Widow will help you learn about the strain and determine if it is right for you.

When Shantibaba created White Widow, he did so with the intention of maximizing the positive effects of both Indica and Sativa strains. He accomplished his mission.
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Although the specific geographic origin of the two parent strains is a bit fuzzy, knowledge of where and when it was bred is concrete. Shantibaba created the hybrid strain in Amsterdam in the early 1990s. The buds of White Widow do not take on full color and always appear paler than many other strains, even when ready to harvest. They also create tiny crystals that resemble sugar. The combination of these unique traits is what led the strain to its name.
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White Widow often creates full-body relaxation without causing the user to become locked to the couch. The cerebral effect is just as pleasant for most smokers. After smoking, people tend to feel happier and more social. Some also report feeling more creative or even euphoric.

When smoking White Widow, the initial taste is sweet citrus, but it quickly gives way to more savory flavors of earth, pine wood, and flowers. Most users feel the blend is just right and contributes to a positive smoking experience, although some report feeling as if the smoke is slightly harsh. Luckily, smoking accessories often ease that feeling.

White Widow is a potent cannabis strain with legendary acclaim. Learn more about the strain and determine if it is right for you.

The term cannabis strains are used to refer to hybrid varieties meant for recreational or medicinal uses. Cannabis strains can be of two types, either of pure or hybrid varieties. The latter category consists of three species, that include sativa, indica, and ruderalis. It is known that these varieties of cannabis are further developed by growers to either help in differentiating the strains to make it become a “more effective” drug or for marketing purposes.

The immediate effect of White Widow makes one experience a unique powerful burst of energy breaks. It also carries thought-provoking reactions which are considered to be ideal while engaging in social conversations during gatherings or adventures. Overall, White Widow is highly sought for the mild psychedelic experience that it offers. On average, the buzz length can last from 1.5 to 2 hours.
The White Widow strains can be of different types and can contain a mix of both indica and sativa. Users of this substance have a variety of options to choose from while buying White Widow seeds. Some of these strains include:

Apart from not being able to address the underlying problem properly, a majority of the painkillers used in treating PTSD are addictive and have led to unwanted side effects. An increasing number of PTSD patients that include war veterans have claimed that cannabis has helped in reducing their anxiety and in sleeping better.
Covered in dense, frosty white crystals and giving off a sugared look, White Widow buds are called “white” for two reasons. This plant has a tendency to not fully color up when it is ready to harvest and it contains a heavy resin gland. Although the plant is generally of short stature, the leaves are green and long. White Widow buds emit a pungent smell of earth, herbs, spices, and wood. One could almost compare it to having a smell like pepper that has been sprinkled on top of an orange. The smoke of White Widow is deliciously sweet and contains flavors of fresh citrus, earth, and pine. It is said that when smoked, White Widow tastes citrusy, with a flowery bent.
White Berry – This is a combination of White Widow with blueberry and is also known as Blue Widow, depending on the grower and the seeds used. This type of substance is neither too sedative nor too energizing and would be perfect for a breezy afternoon in the weekend.
Being a sativa-dominant strain (with an indica/sativa ratio of 40:60) which produces flowers that are sticky to the touch (as it contains resin), the White Widow grows in very warm regions. It prefers lots of sunshine and warmer growing conditions than its homeland. Luckily, the White Widow is a low-maintenance strain which is tolerant of climates similar to that of northern European regions. The White Widow blooms after approximately 60 days and one plant that grows indoors can produce up to 55-65 grams of cannabis (21 ounces of bud per 10 square feet).
White Widow is also a treatment of depression and sadness. The 40% sativa component in this substance provides an upbeat buzz to those feeling gloomy.

White Widow is known to produce “very heady, cerebral highs that you would normally associate with a sativa-dominant plant” which is due to a large amount of THC harbored by the plant. When smoked, the effects of White Widow last for much longer as compared to other Cannabis strains. The cerebral high effects of White Widow is known to be ideal against anxiety and depression and by the time that they die down, one can start feeling some of the body buzzes due to the influence of the indica present in the substance.

If this is your first time hearing about White Widow, don't let the name scare you off. White Widow is a legendary hybrid strain thought to be bred from a Brazilian sativa that was pollinated by an Indian indica.