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white widow auto

Title : Nice
Comment : Una pianta classica che sprigiona cristalli di resina assurdi

Title : amazing
Comment : amazing strain, amazing taste, amazing yield, easy to grow, big dense buds. biggest yielder I had so far with the most intense taste/smell. got around 110grs from 1 plant, even the popcorn nugs were the size of other plants main buds. overall: just don’t hesitate to grow this strain. very resilient great taste + smell huge buds big yield for auto very very easy to grow
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Title : Sweet!
Comment : As always, fast dispatch & delivery, all germinated well and awesome yield and a super smoke!
Title : 100% success rate
Comment : 100% success rate. Planted 2 and both popped and are doing well so far. Currently at day 19 but there doesnt appear to be any way for me to add photo’s ??
Title : White Widow Automatic
Comment : Colis reçu rapidement. Je n’ai pas encore lancé la culture de ces graines mais je suis très confiant au vu de mes commandes précédentes.
Title : White Widow Automatic
Comment : It is early days for this White Widow grow but all seeds germinated (I’ve not yet had a seed from RQS that has failed) and all looks good. I wanted to try White Widow as this is advertised as a comparatively short plant (expected at around 50cm) and, with limited height in my grow tent setup, I have had issues with taller strains getting burned by heat from the lamp. If all goes according to expectations this will probably become my strain of choice.
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Title : ItWasn’tMe
Comment : Ordered and planted 3 seeds straight to soil and all germinated in 3 days. They are growing well and are healthy. All of them tend to grow height so quick I have to help them to stay up, one could say they are tall and skinny girls. I’m happy with these seeds.

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White widow auto

Like many hybrid strains, there’s some chance you may get a little dizzy or develop a headache, especially if you over do it. Anxiety and paranoia is rare with this strain, but there’s a good chance you may need some extra water or eye drops.

If there were only two words to describe the effects of White Widow, it would be relaxation and happiness. It’s a gentle relaxation, unlike many indica strains. You aren’t likely to experience couchlock, making it suitable for daytime use. Many describe the experience as a gentle bliss of uplifting energy, suitable for a social high. The effects are mostly head-based, with light bodily effects.
Dutch breeders realized what this meant for marijuana growing and began breeding the ruderalis genes with marijuana plants. The autoflowering feminized seed type was born, and it could flower without relying on the natural light cycle.

The autoflowering version of White Widow can be grown in just about any setup, but an indoor one with more control is often recommended. It does well against diseases, and it thrives in heat and sunny conditions, but it can also do quite well in cooler climates. White Widow can withstand a variety of different environments, as well as environmental changes. Its hardiness also helps lead to consistently high yields.
Nowadays you can find autoflowering versions of many popular strains. They tend to produce smaller plants, but they are easier to grow and can harvest faster than any other option. That’s why autoflowering plants are great for new growers, growing in a small space or if you want multiple harvests per season!
Germination Guarantee – If you follow our germination instructions exactly and your seeds do not germinate, then we will replace them for free. You can choose between an immediate reship, or double the lost seeds on your next order.
The following video review is based on the feminized strain, attributes can slightly differ for autoflowers.
You can purchase White Widow Auto seeds in packs of 5 or 10. When buying 10, we throw in an extra 10 for free!

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An easy growing & discreet compact plant, White Widow Autoflower provides a cerebral high with a smooth feeling of relaxation. Great marijuana seed option for beginners!