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white rhino liquid vaporizer

Additionally, I did not feel comfortable with the materials that the DUBE is made out of. Although White Rhino claims to use a ceramic heating element, the rest of the pen appears to be very cheap. Especially the mouthpiece, which feels like plastic and has a cheaply installed spring (pictured below) in it to keep herb from being sucked up into your mouth.

My last complaint about the DUBE has to do with the temperature and quality of the vapor produced. I found the vapor to be very hot. It left my nose and throat burning after a short session. I am not sure if this has something to do with the plastic mouthpiece, or just the fact that the heating element is so close to your throat and has no CPU controlling the output (which is a common problem amongst vaporizer pens), but it’s something worth noting. Here are my complaints summed up:

  • Unique design in a sea of look-alike pen vaporizers
  • Discreet & compact — size of a BIC pen
  • Sleek matte black, “heat-absorbing” exterior coating
  • Large hits with every pull
  • Emergency Shut-off after 10 seconds
  • Battery is guaranteed for 90 days from factory defects
  • Battery light lets you know when it’s engaged, charging, and dead

The DUBE produces decent-size clouds of vapor with every press of the button, and has an emergency shutoff after 10 seconds. The green battery light at the end of the vaporizer lets you know when the 10 seconds is up by flashing green. The light also illuminates when the heater is engaged (when your pressing the button) and when the pen is charging.
My second main issue with the DUBE is how difficult it is to load your wax into the cartridge. Since the cartridge is so deep, with the heating element standing straight up at the bottom, it is difficult to load small amounts of wax into the DUBE. I found that the DUBE is more ideal for loading larger amounts of wax (.3-.5), which is inconvenient and costly.
NOTE: When using waxy oils, be sure to use all of your wax each session. Waxy oils can harden permanently, damaging the herb/waxy oil cartridge according to White Rhino. Only clean DUBE with the tools White Rhino included that are intended to clean the device.
Although White Rhino claims that this pen is compatible for use with waxy oils as well as dry herbs, that is not exactly the case. It’s nearly impossible to use dry herb with the DUBE, mainly because you can hardly fit any into the tiny cartridge. Any herb that you do manage to squeeze in gets burnt when it touches the heating element. There is no real vaporization taking place…

  1. Screw the dry herb/waxy oil cartridge onto the fully charged DUBE battery
  2. Carefully remove the mouthpiece from the cartridge
  3. Hold the battery vertically and get your herb/wax ready to load
  4. Load your herb/wax into the cartridge, being careful not to poke the ceramic heating coil
  5. Fit mouthpiece securely back into the top of the cartridge
  6. Press button on side of battery 5 successive times until flight flashes green
  7. When flashing stops, hold the button in while inhaling. The instruction manual instructs you to “prime” the pen for 10 seconds before hitting it, but this is not necessary.
  8. Repeat step 7 for continual use, the device will automatically shut off after 10 seconds of continuous use (Emergency shut off)
  9. When done using the DUBE, press the button 5 more times to turn it off
  10. Clean DUBE thoroughly after each use with brush tool.
  • Not ideal for dry herb. Stick to waxy concentrates with the DUBE
  • Cartridge is too small for herb, and too big for concentrates
  • Cheaply manufactured parts, especially the mouthpiece
  • Hot vapor leaves nose and throat burning

The Dube is a pen-style vaporizer that can be used with both dry herbs and concentrates.The Dube vaporizer by White Rhino is one of the most popular products to hit …