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white panther party

White panther party

Ironically, just before the concert, the Michigan State Senate approved a bill that would exclude marijuana from the state’s narcotics code and cut the penalties for marijuana use from 10 years to 90 days. The Senate also agreed to reconsider existing convictions.

At least these people had a reason to Protest, What is the Reason for that group camping out Downtown?
In fact, Bach was drawn to the party’s house at 1510 Hill Street, because her older brother, Skip Taube, was hanging out there. It’s where she met her husband, Frank Bach, who was then the lead singer in the popular local band The Up, which was also based out of the houses on Hill Street.

I had never heard of Pun Plamondon before. If I make the leap that the data in Wikipedia are correct, it appears that he never served any meaningful sentence for his bombing activity. It says that he was held for 32 months, but the charges were dismissed due to illegal wiretapping by the government. If this is true, it seems a shame that there should be any kind of celebration and/or self-congratulatory reunion of the people involved in what was, quite simply, domestic terrorism. Am I off base here? I mean, some of these folks no doubt did work for meaningful change and should take pride in their efforts. I have a hard time with this particular incident, though. Seems like it got swept under the rug in the article. Comments are appreciated.
Photo by Leni Sinclair
we were young and wild back in those daze. we have aged physically but our hearts are in the same place. fighting for rock, reggae, rap, revolution and reefer is still happening. freeing john sinclair is a stepping stone to freeing our prisoners of weed. lets bring it on and free our pow’s
Still, when Sinclair was released from prison the following Monday, it was hailed as a victory of the people over “The Man.”
An era had ended. But Ann Arbor would never really be the same.

didnt sinclair sell the infamous ‘2 joints’ to a cop that had busted him previously?

White panther party They came from all over. Runaways, university students, traveling counter-culture scenesters. And they all found a home away from home in two enormous houses on Hill

White panther party

3. Free exchange of energy and materials — we demand the end of money!

9. Free all soldiers at once — no more conscripted armies.
6. Free time and space for all humans — dissolve all unnatural boundaries.

Knowing the power of symbols in the abstract world of Americans, we have taken the White Panther as our mark to symbolize our strength and arrogance.
We are the mother country madmen in charge of our own lives and we are taking this freedom to the people of America, in streets, in the ballrooms and teen clubs, in their front rooms watching TV, in their bedrooms reading underground newspapers, or masturbating, or smoking secret dope, in their schools where we come and talk to them or make our music, in their weird gymnasiums — they love it! We represent the only contemporary life-style in America for its kids and it should be known that THESE KIDS ARE READY! They are ready to move but they don’t know how, and all we do is show them that they can get away with it. BE FREE, goddamnit, and fuck them old dudes, is what we tell them, and they can see that we mean it.
2. Total assault on the culture by any means necessary, including rock ’n’ roll, dope and fucking in the streets.
We demand total freedom for everybody! And we will not be stopped until we get it. We are bad. There’s only two kinds of people on the planet: those who make up the problem and those who make up the solution. WE ARE THE SOLUTION. We have no problems. Everything is free for everybody. Money sucks. Leaders suck. School sucks. The white honkie culture that has been handed to us on a silver platter is meaningless to us! We don’t want it! Our program of rock and roll, dope and fucking in the streets is a program of total freedom for everyone. We are totally committed to carrying out our program. We breathe revolution. We are LSD driven total maniacs of the universe. We will do anything we can to drive people crazy out of their heads and into their bodies.
10. Free the people from their “leaders” — leaders suck — all power to all the people! Freedom means free everyone!

4. Free food, clothes, housing, dope, music, bodies, medical care — everything free for everybody!

Luminist Archives John Sinclair White Panther Party Statement issued November 1, 1968 Our program is Cultural Revolution through a total assault on the culture, which makes