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white dragon weed

White dragon weed

It has a very powerful, relaxing and long-lasting effect. Ideal to relax after a long day or to get to sleep quickly. Used as medicinal marijuana to fight insomnia, stimulate the appetite and reduce stress.

*It can be grown out of season whenever the environmental conditions enables so and always taking into consideration the hours of light, as this is a light-dependant feminized strain.

White Dragon can be harvested after 45-50 days of flowering after the appropriate growth.
White Dragon by Eva Seeds
During the flowering phase it produces very compact and resinous buds with a penetrating smell of hashish and lemon with touches of fine wood. White Dragon tastes of the best afghan resin with spicy and wood touches.
Produces between 500 grams – 1 kg per plant depending on the medium and size of the container.
White Dragon indoor crop into flowering


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