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where can i buy monkey balls

Where can i buy monkey balls

What a beautiful floor

Hedge Ball – Osage Orange Oil is a rate oil used for lots of things..
Spider Repelant – Decoraction – Great Smell .- Healing Properties – Hard Wood – Great for Projects – Fence Posts – Walking Sticks -, Bows, Smoking Chips – Fire Wood – Carving Wood –

Hedge Ball, Orange Apple
Special Formula Bug Repel
Osage Orange Block
Hedge Apples are thought to be an insect, spider, and mouse repellent if left in an area while still green. Many people swear by them.

  • Burning the Hedge Apples makes all kinds of sparks and crackles, like a little fireworks display.
  • Osage Oranges are in the Mulberry Family (Moraceae). Most of them have milky sap like the Hedge Apple, but the bumelias and the Hedge Apple are the only thorny trees with milky sap in the Central and Eastern US.
  • It is dioecius (having male and female plants), and you only get the Hedge Apples on the female tree.
  • The bark is orange-brown with tight furrows.
  • Hedge Apples have a lot of great nicknames: Hedge Balls, Horse Balls, Green Brains, Monkey Balls, and Mock Orange.

The wood is used to make musical instruments, artwork, and fancy pens because of its pretty yellow color.

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