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what’s the best ak 47

What's the best ak 47

The other major issue with this gun is the recoil. Because of the large gas port, the recoil is a lot stronger than what you would experience with other modern AKs. It’s not a huge issue, as long as you are prepared for it.

We recommend talking to friends, trying a few out if you can, and considering your preferences before you settle on the AK that’s right for you. There are a lot of different options out there for beginners, experts, competition shooters and those interested in customizing their rifle.
Today, there are tons (and we mean tons – as many as 500 million) different types of rifles that can be attributed to the AK family. The most common, or at least most recognizable, is probably the AKM, which was produced as the original Kalshnikov Model’s successor in the late 1950’s. AKs are still produced on a mass scale, and recreational shooters tend to have a love-hate relationship with them. We’ll go into a little more detail about why that is.

Where Was it Made?
We should clarify right off the bat, this is not a standard AK-47, but an AK pistol. You can add a stock to it to make it standard size, but remember that this is going to take a lot of paperwork and certifications.
Well, milled receivers are higher quality. They will last longer and stand up to long-term use better than stamped receivers. That said, it doesn’t really impact the quality of the gun’s performance either way, and it would take a lot of use to really wear down a stamped receiver.
Before we get into our review of the top AKs on the market, lets talk about some of the factors that you’ll want to keep an eye out for when you are shopping for an AK-47,
Final Thoughts

What We Love About Them:

The 5 Best AK-47s in 2020 AK-47s are one of the most famous assault-style weapons out there – they are also one of the most vastly misunderstood. If you are looking

What's the best ak 47

I know, I know, there’s some AK purists out there laughing at me right now for typing that. But, hear me out.

They made a very popular American AK-47 called the RAS-47…BUT… it had some quality issues (serious ones) and it got a bad name quickly. Do not let this turn you off to all CAI rifles – there are plenty of good ones and this rifle, the VSKA, is their answer to the previous issues.
Here’s the truth: these rifles are a great value and, for the money, you’ll be happy with it. However, it is not better than higher-end options.

Palmetto State Armory is known for budget firearms.
Honestly, we don’t have much (any) experience with the Zastava AK offering but it comes recommended by AK Operators Union and it passed their torture test (in the video below) which is good enough for us!
Previously, in the RAS-47, they used cast trunions and bolts. In this VSKA, however, they use S7 tool steel and mill the parts out of forgings (this is great news).
As much as I would like to say you can get a good AK-47 in the US, they’re just hard to find. The top things to be aware of when you’re looking for an AK-47 are the following:
So, we’ve collected the 5 best AKs for under $800. We were compiling a list and noticed a great video (from a great source) so we decided to share the video by AK Operators Union with you below and just list the AK rifles he features (after all, he’s one of the best authorities on these rifles).

Given that the AK-47 can be modified in lots of different variations, the Zastava does not disappoint. It has many different specs that allow it to be just as versatile as any AK-47 on the market today.

With so much information out today, many can’t even decide what AK-47 to buy! In our 5 best AK-47 Rifles under $800 Review you will see which made the cut!