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what makes you cool

The reason this is “cool” is because people find passion intriguing. Cool people are interesting because they’re always learning something new, and thus always have something to talk about.
It can take a lot of work to cultivate these traits. But if someone’s willing to go through some self-discovery, and accept themselves for who they are, they can be cool, too.
Sometimes, the coolest person in the room is the one who makes other people feel cool, by listening and taking a vested interest in them. “The prevailing belief is that to be cool, you have to be distant, remote, mysterious, and impossible to fathom. But the truth is that to be a fascinating person, you don’t have to distance yourself from others. The most fascinating people are those who are fascinated,” Dr. Susan Shumsky tells Bustle. “In other words, they are people who are curious and interested in other people and in things they are learning and discovering. To be cool, be engaged.”
It doesn’t matter what the hobby is — writing, making music, running marathons, knitting, etc. — most people who are considered cool have something they care about. “They have fun interests and hobbies,” Ritu Reimer, a licensed therapist and coach, tells Bustle. And they’re passionate about them.
Since cool people have embraced their quirks and shortcomings — whatever they may be — they tend to have an easier time embracing the quirks and shortcomings of others. And that means they’re incredibly open-minded and nonjudgmental.
And this is true even if you believe yourself to be imperfect. “Cool people accept parts of themselves that others may be busy trying to hide,” she says. “I think that is why we often associate the idea of someone who is chill as being cool. If you aren’t busy trying to be someone you’re not, then that is one less thing to stress about!”
“When someone is rocking confidence they seem cool to others. They don’t seem concerned with what others are saying or thinking they are solid just being themselves,” business expert Heather Monahan, author of the upcoming book Confidence Creator, tells Bustle. “Not only is that cool it is also incredibly attractive.”
“They aren’t uptight or worrying about everything,” says Bennett. “They see the big picture that most things don’t matter and have a big-picture perspective on things. Because of this, people love talking to and hanging out with them,” as they’re energy is nice to be around.
It’s pretty easy to get caught up in the external, and think that coolness comes from the way someone looks, how they dress, etc. But it’s almost 100 percent internal. “Cool is a feeling, a mindset, a way of being and acting,” licensed clinical psychotherapist Dr. Fern Kazlow tells Bustle. “The inner state that determines cool is confidence, self-acceptance, clarity, conviction, and commitment.”
It can be tough to pinpoint the exact qualities that make someone cool, since pretty much everyone has a different idea of what "cool" is. For some, it’s a leather-coat-wearing, motorcycle-riding rebel. For others, it’s the lead singer of a band, a…