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what is scrog

What is scrog

The plants are trained around the netting, and cannot be easily re-arranged once they’ve started training themselves around the net,

At the very least, make sure you don’t have any tall colas growing directly under the light.
At this point, it’s okay to let colas start to peek through the screen. Try to train the tallest colas to grow towards the edges, outside of the light’s range, and attempt to keep the colas directly under the light as short as possible .

He explains his methods in detail:
Hello Nebula and Sirius,
I hope that helps you as much as it would have helped me when I started growing!
Trouble is I’ve already set up the mesh for scrogging the cuttings are about 10 inch tall and just poking through the mesh.
I bend and twist the plant to try to fill each of the 256 openings I have in each scrog with a bud growing up and out of each of the 256 openings. So far the furthest I’ve gotten, is to fill about 200 of the 256 openings with a bud site in each opening.
The “screen” is a wire mesh, string or nylon netting, which is put up between the plants and the lights. This controls the growth of marijuana plants so they tend to grow in neat rows of big colas, as pictured above.

Continue to keep plants below the screen using low stress training methods like bending, until about 2 weeks into the flowering stage.

This short informative article shows you (with pictures) what it means to "ScrOG" your marijuana plants (use a screen of green) to get bigger yields.