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what is monster cropping

What is monster cropping

Learning how to monster crop can be beneficial if you want continuous harvests without having to keep a mother plant. Clones from flowering plants produce branching monsters.

Everything which causes greater stress, for example pruning techniques like Topping, Fimming or Lollypopping, can potentially cause problems with autoflowering strains. Stunted growth can be the consequence, for example. This is a debatable topic though.
Now, you simply switch back to the light cycle you prefer for vegetating your clones, meaning 18/6, 20/4, or 24/0. You don’t need a lot of light intensity at this point. CFL’s with a daylight or “cool white” light spectrum get the job done. If you remove buds of your clones at this point, they will revert into the vegetation state.

If you are not familiar with taking clones form cannabis plants, it’s better to do some reading about this topic before experimenting with Monster cropping. The main difference is that you take your cuttings while the plant is in flowering, and not in vegetation.
You created a heavy-branching monster. The next logical step would be to think of ways to tame your beast. The SCROG-Method, or Screen of Green, is a simple but very effective method to do that.
If you already made your first experiences with growing cannabis, you might noticed the substantial difference between a plant that has very small and weak side branches, to one that produces lots of heads and branches aggressively.
The first new leaves produced by your clones can be deformed and weird looking. You don’t have to worry about this at all. If the clone survives and is healthy looking, it will produce normal looking leaves as soon as the reverting process is completed.
The second huge benefit of Monster cropping is that clones, taken from flowering plants, grow extremely bushy. They form tons of nodes and side branches.

The optimal timeframe to take your “Monster-Cuttings” is around 2-3 weeks after switching to 12/12. When you see the formation of the first buds, it’s time to take your cuttings. Place them into a glass of water for some time to ensure that no air to enters the vascular system.

This new training method is also known as flowering clones. Monster cropping induces heavy-branching, high yields and continuous harvests.