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what is iso hash

place in freezer for at least a couple of days before u are going to make your extract. THIS IS CRUCIAL DO NOT SKIMP ON THIS STEP.

Standard paper coffee filters.
once its all evaporated u will have a compltely dry pyrex dish with residue all over the bottom and side walls.

A Metal screen coffee filter that goes on top of the pot.
get a razor and scrape it all together, it should be a light color looking like maple sugar or sand. it will be sort of powdery at this point. scrape it all free of the pyrex dish and into a neat pile in the middle of the pyrex bowl. preheat your oven to 150-200 degrees and give it about 3-5 minutes in there. what u are doing is heating the oil just enough to melt it together, this is not a decarb for eating it like rick simpson oil, its simply just to melt it together so it will be easier to handle later on.
pull it out, and the oil will appear darker now, almost brownish. it should look melted together almost. get a razor and scrape it together again and itll stick together, swirl it around a few times with the razor and it will lighten up a little.
pour this into the clean pyrex dish, leave it outside with the splash guard on top of it to prevent anything from flying into it. u can place a small fan next to it blowing down into it to speed up the alcohol evaporation process. do not use heat to speed up the process this is dangerous. also do not do any of this near an open flame or anything that can spark.
1 plastic tupperware container rectangle shaped

An electric oven

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