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what does og mean in weed

Commenting on his stash, the owner of the weed said he could tell from the aroma that the bud was mountain grown. Not ready to accept an uninformed review of his harvest from a stranger, the grower replied, “Nah, man, that’s that ocean grown weed,” or ya know, something to that effect. But the term “ocean grown” stuck, and it’s remained a popular descriptor for weed among coastal California growers and tokers.

One delightfully British definition for what OG means maintains that the initials stand for “old git,” meaning an annoying, unpleasant, incompetent, silly, or senile person. An example of this use of the term in a sentence might be: “I can’t believe what the OG in the White House is up to this time!”
The term was then tagged onto the kush being grown to distinction by cultivators in San Fernando Valley, by Cypress Hill’s crew according to some versions of the story. The assertion is supported by Amsterdam-based cannabis seed bank DNA Genetics, which developed seeds for the strain that had previously only been available as a clone.

“The OG got tagged onto the LA Kush back in the ’90s by the Cypress Hill Crew and it stands for ‘original gangsta,’” DNA told the San Diego City Beat in a 2011 email. “There are also stories of the OG standing for ‘Ocean Grown,’ but being from LA we believe and feel that the OG comes from the Cypress family. Hope that clears the hazy air.”
With 5,000 years of history that’s spread around the globe, cannabis culture has developed a rich, multilingual lexicon to describe the cannabis plant and the wealth of human experience surrounding it. But with such a varied expanse of lore to draw upon, the origins of many words and expressions in the dank dictionary are matters of contention, subject to ongoing debate.
Gallery — Cops Smoke Weed, Too:
OG Kush also supplied the genetics for popular strains including Headband and Girl Scout Cookies (oops, I mean GSC!). Other growers have hunted and pulled distinct phenotypes of OG Kush, isolating SFV OG and Tahoe OG, among others.
Before long, OG Kush was the preferred bud for any self-respecting West Coast gangsta’s blunt.

Whatever the strain’s family tree may be, after nearly three decades on the market, OG Kush has spawned literally dozens of offspring varieties as breeders blend its superior traits with other genetic lines. Many of these strains with OG Kush parentage carry the OG sobriquet, including Sex OG, Comatose OG, Zombie Killer OG, and more.

"OG" is a term every pothead knows. But who coined the acronym, and what does it mean, exactly?

# The measurement of solids in suspension in the wort just before the beer is fermented.

# The measure of malt sugars in a brew taken before fermentation. This measure is called the Specific Gravity (see below). The primary contribution to Specific Gravity is sugar, some of which is fermented into alcohol, and some of which remains in the finished beer to give sweetness and body.
# Og can refer to: *Og, an ancient Amorite king of Bashan. *Og is also the name of a cake or bread baked in ashes, the name of a creature of .

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# Original Gravity, how much sugar is in the beer before fermentation begins.
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# The adhesive coating on a mint or unused stamp or envelope flap applied by a postal authority or security printer, usually before the item was .
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# A molding with a profile in the form of a letter S; having the outline of a reversed curve.

What does OG stand for????? I have heard many of things.Original Gangster,Ocean Grown,organic grown..etc etc.everything and anything.Who the hell knows…