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what can you use for rolling paper

What can you use for rolling paper

In just a minute or two, you can make an apple pipe that many smokers prefer because it produces such a smooth hit. To create your own eco-friendly pipe you will need:

  • One large apple
  • Knife or sharp, small object
  • Pen
  • Toothpick

Instead of throwing out your PBR cans after a night of partying, recycle one into an easy to use pipe! After the can is empty and rinsed out, simply dent the area to put tobacco on and poke small holes in the dent to allow smoke to pass through the can. Once the can is assembled, place the tobacco in the dented, makeshift bowl and light it! Draw the smoke from the top of the can where you would usually drink the liquid from. Using the can method is good in a pinch, but tends to be a harsher hit and can get hot to the touch pretty quickly, so proceed with caution.

The toilet paper roll should be cardboard (remove all of the T.P. from the roll). First, tape one end of the roll so that air can’t get through. Then, using scissors or a knife, cut a square or circle hole about an inch in diameter on one side of the toilet paper roll. To make a carb, make another hole to the left or the right of the first hole, about 1/2 inches away using a pencil or pen, and make sure your finger can cover it. Next, cut a piece of foil that is big enough to cover the first hole you cut out. Create a “bowl” by forming the tinfoil over your thumb and stick it in the hole on top of the tube. Poke small holes all around the foil piece with a toothpick so that air and smoke from the tobacco can travel through it when you’re smoking. Once assembled, throw the tobacco on top of the foil, and light up for an easy fix on the road!
Nevertheless, if you’re in a pinch, read on to find out how to craft great rolling paper alternatives.
If you forget or lose your rolling papers, instead of tossing out the cardboard found in the middle of a paper towel or toilet paper roll, you can save your camping trip in more ways than one! Toilet paper roll pipes, or better known as “steamrollers”, are super easy to use for smoking and require minimal materials. Here’s what you’ll need to DIY a cardboard tube pipe:
Three of our most cost-effective rolling papers are RAW single wides, Plain White 1 1/4, and Elements King Size, which will let you roll your own smokes for just pennies!
Rolling paper substitutes and alternatives can be made from common household items, cheap produce, and even things you can find in a hotel room. You may be surprised at what smoking gadgets you can create quickly and easily when you’re stuck without papers. The issue with these rolling paper substitutes is that they should NOT be used on a daily basis and only used as a last resort. These makeshift pipes are meant to be used when impromptu emergency smoke sessions arise and aren’t ever meant to replace your rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, or pipes.

  • 2-liter bottle
  • 1-liter bottle
  • Paperclip
  • Aluminum foil
  • Knife or box cutter
  • Scissors

Rolling Paper Alternatives and Substitutes What Brings you to Rolling Paper Alternatives and Substitutes? Thanks for Being a Part of The Rolling Paper Depot Family Table of Contents So,

We have just touched on the tip of the iceberg in terms of the quantity of different alternative uses a pack of rolling papers are really capable of.

Quite commonly, rolling papers have been used for cleaning camera lenses. Due to the fine rice material of rolling paper, you can use them to clean your camera without leaving any residue, scratches or blemishes.
Here’s another one for the musicians out there. Again focusing on the absorbent nature of the rolling paper, it can be used for absorbing the moisture that accumulates between the keypads and joints (particularly on the flute or oboe).

Just make sure the paper you use closely matches the colours of the page you are trying to repair.
Hemp paper is generally very absorbent and has been used by many for clearing up greasy/oily skin.
Rolling papers can also be used as a very handy flash diffuser. Simply take a paper, fold it in half and place it over the flash and take your picture.
This should be included in a piece entitled “Stoner Beauty Secrets 101”. I’m sure many of our female audience will be aware of this already but for those of you who aren’t, rolling papers can be used as a cheaper cosmetic alternative for oily skin.
With our guide to alternative uses for rolling papers, your friends will consider you the MacGyver of getting toasted!

While it may seem obvious at first, it can be easy to underestimate just how well rolling paper can be used to repair other paper items like books, magazines and other reading items.

You may or may not be aware already, but some of the most creative thinkers and problem solvers have been using rolling papers for more than just lighting for decades. Everything from beauty products to cleaning products, rolling papers can be a ridiculously cheaper alternative to many common household products. Beyond