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what are clear rolling papers made of

What are clear rolling papers made of

Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colorless, thick liquid which freezes to a gummy paste and which has a high boiling point. It attracts moisture and gives the product a shiny and soft texture. This is the reason for the use of glycerin. It can only be harmful when re-heated various times at very high temperatures. This does not happen with aLeda as it can only burn once and cannot be re-used.

The process of production of the transparent paper does NOT alter the chemical nature of the cellulose film and for this the process of production uses chemically inert, insoluble, infusible and innocuous material.
I recall in the 1970’s another company tried to launch a brand of clear rolling papers. They were called INVISIBLE and should be part of my collection somewhere. They were extremely dry, so they were crumbly and difficult to roll with. These clear rolling papers below are made from a mixture of cellulose, Glycerin and water. The Aleda website & advertisements mistakenly claimed that their product is made from 100% vegetables, which is incorrect. Aleda is made from a blend of wood cellulose, glycerin and water – no Vegetables in there sorry.

Our product is made from treated eucalyptus cellulose, re-managed and reforested in a sustainable way in accordance to ISO 14001, which makes it ecologically correct.
They burn quite well and very different then a normal white paper. They sort of compact around your cigarette as you are smoking and therefore provide a very tight pull. It’s quite unlike smoking a normal cigarette. They also have a sweet taste on the lips. This is part of the Glycerin effect. Glycerin tastes sweet. Burning Glycerin does release Acrolein (a carcinogen). This may sound bad but remember that burning Tobacco releases LOTS of carcinogens – lots more then that small amount of Glycerin!
The cellulose used to make our product has a biodegradable certificate as per European Laws.

  • Candies
  • Cakes
  • Non-Sugar Sweeteners
  • In cooking in general
    100% Cellulose, made from all natural soluble vegetable origin

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    This film is treated with emollients which give the softness and humidity with emphasis on its high shininess and the highest transparency.

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