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week 9 flowering

Week 9 flowering

According to my wife its ready..cause every time I open the tent to water she stinks the house out top to bottom, never had a plant do that on me before.

Reason I never started flushing is because I was only seeing amber on the leaves and not buds. I see what you mean about people jumping on the first sight of amber, I can say I have done that in the past during my learning how to grow.
I guess where I never flushed IF i do harvest in the next day or two I can do a dry trim and leave the leaves on the plant during the drying phase to slow it down and get that chlorophyll out of her system? Maybe a good approach. maybe a garbage approach

As I said it was reported as an 8 week strain, although this is never usually accurate.
I have not seen a whole lot of movement over the past week during week 8, no buds have fattened up or anything.
I been working on 2 more plants since August. They are Autoflower strains
Strain: King Tut Autoflower (Sativa dominant hybrid)
Flowering: 8 weeks from seed (according to seedbank)
LED Light/Tent grow setup
Soil Medium
I never even started flushing yet because I was holding off thinking she is just not ready, was gonna flush for 2 weeks starting this week but if its ready or close to that now I will only do more damage than good if I prolong her for 2 more weeks.

Trichome Status: Sugar leaves are coated in amber
Buds: Very little amber, 90%+ cloudy 10% clear give or take a little

Hello everyone! I been working on 2 more plants since August. They are Autoflower strains Some details: Strain: King Tut Autoflower (Sativa dominant…