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weed with red hairs name

Weed with red hairs name

Roach Clip
A small, metal clip used to hold a burning roach. This enables the smoker to enjoy the entire joint, including the roach.

Joint (cone, doobie)
Cannabis that has been broken down and rolled up with rolling papers.
Access Point
A state authorized location where medical marijuana is bought by patients. Also referred to as a dispensary by many.

Description – If I had to sum this strain up in one word… that word would be “space”. Amazing strain.
Reggie, regular, bottom-shelf. This is the opposite of dank.
Lineage – Kosher Kush, Tangie
Description – This strain looks gorgeous. It tastes great (sweet) and burns nicely. It is possible that the Purple genetics lend to it’s ability to manage pain. Grab some if you see it around.
Isopropyl Extraction (QWISO)
A ****od of alcohol extraction with isopropyl. Quick Wash Isopropyl hash is produced through a brief soaking of plant material, draining the liquid into a dish, and allowing the isopropyl to evaporate. The remaining oil is refered to as QWISO hash.

A potent cannabis strain with the smell of a skunk. This strain is mostly sativa and present in many crosses.

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Weed with red hairs name

Every indoor gardener knows the important role blue and red light both play in plant development and growth. But how about green light? Chris Bond investigates whether green light may be helpful in some situations.

MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes: Grower’s Permits, 420 Evaluations, Doctor’s Recommendations, and Cannabis ID Cards application take a few minutes online here. Approval is usually same day, with documents emailed and snail mailed (in non-marijuana marked envelopes). Patients don’t pay unless they are approved by our California licensed doctor.
Lack of light will produce a sickly looking plant and bud.


“Sativa bud is generally more leafy/fluffy, light green while Indica tends to be dense/solid dark green, Sill it can be hard to tell with some varieties. You have to smoke it and feel what kind of high you’re experiencing. If your body is relaxed and you’re zoned out, it’s most likely an indica, or an indica dominant strain. If you have a head rush and you’re completely mindfucked, it’s a sativa.” – Street Expert:

“The most solid visual for potency of bud is an abundance of crystals. Very dark bud is quite often very potent as well. Other visual indicators, colors are more challenging to figure.” – Budsman#3

Can you tell what’s in your weed just by looking at it? The answer is a firm yes and no.
Is there any difference between Red Green, Purple- Purple, Red & Green.

Orange Bud Varieties include: Olive Oyl, Kandy Skunk, Alien OG. Yellow Wicked OG, Grapefruit, and Lemon Kush.

What does the color of your weed mean? What is the most medicinal or potent ? Are bright colors or dark colors better, how about shiny particles