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weed stash box with lock

Weed stash box with lock

The glass is dark, making it both discreet and UV-resistant.

This Tiny Portable Metal Herb Jar is a very affordable airtight container. It works best for people who don’t need to carry much cannabis at once. It is very small — smaller than a prescription bottle.
Glass is the material preferred for weed storage by most connoisseurs — and dark glass is superior to transparent glass because it blocks the UV rays. This costs more than some jars on this list, but it’s also larger, and it comes with a Humidipak to maintain humidity levels inside the jar.

The Mandala Stash Box Combo is a killer deal, because it includes a matching titanium grinder, a large UV Glass Stash Jar, and a rolling tray. It’s also meant for traveling and transporting your supplies safely. (It comes with a hand strap.)
This Waterproof Stash Box With Magnets stands out because it comes with two super-powerful magnets. You can put it in a truck bed, and rest assured it won’t go sliding around.
It also comes with two rolling trays of various sizes. (It includes one inside, and the sliding lid also doubles as a rolling tray.)
But the fake deodorant is unlikely to raise any alarm, regardless of your hair situation.
However, prescription bottles don’t block odors. This one does, thanks to an airtight rubber seal. It’s also made from waterproof aluminum, so it will keep your product protected from light and UV rays.

This Herb Guard Jar is made of glass, which is the material preferred by most cannabis connoisseurs for storing and curing herb.

A weed box can help you keep your cannabis safe. The best weed boxes are smell-proof and shock absorbent. Discover the best weed stash box for your needs today.