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weed smokers lips

Weed smokers lips

You can also apply lemon juice on your lips before sleeping, and washing it off the next morning.

Caucasians, for instance, mostly have pink lips while some black and Asian people have two-toned or black lips. It’s important to note that having black lips is natural in some cases and it should not be a reason for concern. However, your lips can get darker with time due to a number of factors, such as hyperpigmentation – a harmless condition caused by an excess of melanin. Dark lips can also be caused by:
-Cigarette and weed smoking

-Excessive exposure to the sun
These can be addressed by making slight changes in your life such as not taking too much caffeine, or changing your lipstick and lip gloss brands.
If you want to naturally lighten your lips at home, there are possible ways you can do that, with natural ingredients that you already have at home. Simply mix a small amount of sugar with pure honey and gently rub it on your lips in a circular motion for about 5 minutes, you can either use a soft toothbrush or your clean fingers. Once you’re done, take half a piece of lemon and gently rub it on your lips in a circular motion for five more minutes. Lemon has lightening properties and it’s also considered to be a melanin inhibitor. Leave the juice on your lips for a few minutes, before rinsing off and applying a moisturizer or even Vaseline.
-Lack of hydration
-Too much caffeine

-Sucking and licking your lips too much

Dark lips can be caused by smoking cigarettes or weed

Weed smokers lips

Until then, the only evidence we have in this regard is the fact that, black people who are heavy weed smokers are more prone to having weed lips than white people. Reason being that, white people have much redder lips compared to blacks — this means the time it will take a white heavy weed smoker’s lips to turn from red to black is longer in comparison with that of a black heavy weed smoker.

At this point, it takes just a little while before the lips turn completely dark.

  • Reduce your daily/ overall intake of the weed
  • Exfoliate your lips regularly to get rid of the dead skins which would otherwise hold the coloration to your lips
  • Rub lemon juice/ cider vinegar on your lips with a cotton ball regularly
  • Brush your lips gently with a toothbrush every morning
  • Moisturize the lips since dehydration can lead a dark and wrinkled lips

Weed lips do not fully materialize at once. Rather, they slowly develop as a result of heavy weed smoking. First, they settle in and then spread throughout the volume of the lips.
If you are reading this piece, chances are, you smoke weed and have noticed your lips turning dark. Or you know someone whose lips have turned dark as a result of smoking weed.
It is common knowledge that when things burn, they leave a residue (resins) behind. More often than not, this residue is usually dark/ black in color. Subsequently, it is reasonable to say excessive weed smoking (which involves burning), will leave some residue on your lips from time to time.
In a layman’s term, weed lips refer to the darkening of the lips, especially when it is being associated with someone that smokes weed.
Whichever the case, let’s discuss the correlation between smoking weed and “darken or black lips”. If you are just looking for a way to cure your weed lips, scroll down to find the cure.

It is important to note that, some race are easily susceptible to having weed lips than others. Though, we have no scientific evidence to support this claim. Perhaps, this could be a good topic to discuss in my next article.

Cure For Weed Lips. One of the most common weed myths you must have heard is, “ smoking weed will darken your lips overtime” True or False?