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weed smoker kit

Weed smoker kit

You’ll also want to keep in mind whether you want to make your own weed smokers emergency kit or buy a pre-made one. Both have their own pros and cons which are important to consider. For instance, a custom-made emergency kit will have all the supplies you desire unlike a pre-made one. However, a custom-made emergency kit can be a little more expensive because you need to buy all of the supplies and search for them yourself. So, you’ll have to make a decision before you start your journey into a weed smokers emergency kit as to whether you want to make your own or buy one that’s already put together for you.

While making your own kit can be fun, if you don’t want to spend the time buying and making it yourself there are a few pre-made emergency kits options you can consider investing in. However, these are often not custom-made so you might not get everything you desire to have in a kit if you invest in them.
If you’re on the search for a pre-made kit, you want to make sure to consider everything else that a custom-made kit includes. This way, you’ll have all of the essentials and will be well prepared for whenever you need to use it.

This paper comes in a 10 pack which altogether gives you over 500 rolling paper tips. The paper is unbleached which will help to give your smoke a more natural flavor.
To help you scoop out the weed evenly and to prevent making a mess you’ll need to make sure to have a spoon in the kit. This can be a regular spoon or some measuring spoons. Make sure though these spoons are compact and can fit easily inside your box.
Air freshener will help you to clear out the air in the space you smoked in. This is essential if you want to keep your smoking discreet. You can find many different scents like floral and tropical to help clear the air. These tend to be very affordable but can be a little bulky so it’s a good idea to find a small bottle if possible. A good travel-size air freshener to consider keeping in your kit is the Fresh Wave Spray. This odor-eliminating spray has a very faint smell and is designed to remove all signs of odors rather than mask them. Because of this, you can spray some around the area you plan to smoke in or even your clothes if you feel they might have a lingering scent of weed on them.
Smoking can cause your lips to become very dry so it’s a good idea to store a tube of chapstick into your kit. When you’re done smoking you can easily take the chapstick out and apply it to your lips to help them stay hydrated. Chapstick tubes don’t take up much space which is good if you plan to have a small kit.
A great thing about a weed smokers emergency kit is that it’s extremely portable. No matter which size you decide to invest in, you’ll be able to easily transport all of your important equipment at once. This makes it perfect for those who want something easy to carry around with them while on the go.

If you do decide to place a pipe or bong in the kit make sure to clean it when you’re done. This can prevent it from creating odors in your kit.

Want to keep your weed close at hand? A weed smokers emergency kit will help you do so. This will keep all your tools in one place so you can enjoy a smoke.