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weed shirt women

Weed shirt women
Their mission is to celebrate and advocate the power of the plant by promoting a healthy and positive lifestyle. Using their products, they aim to put all the positive vibes out into the world for both men and women. They have a unisex clothing line that features t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops.
Here are five cannabis apparel companies that are run by women who seek to empower other ladies with their cute and meaningful clothing lines.
Want beautiful…beautiful cannabis artwork on your clothes? Letter Shoppe is your spot. This clothing company focuses on celebrating cannabis, mental health, and body positivity (there is so much good here!) Letter Shoppe is run by Dina Rodriguez (who seems like a total boss babe we want to be friends with) out of Portland, Oregon. Her clothes are size inclusive and feature empowering messages that females can get behind!
Their clothes promote cannabis as a healing plant and also offer inspiring saying like “Dream. Do.” and ‘”Cannabis is All We Need.’ Their pieces are colorful, tasteful, and look undeniably comfy.
They believe this can be done by enjoying cannabis for health, mood, and as medicine. The clothing, especially the bodysuits are One Size fits most and are brining more and more women to a place of confidence and love for their bodies.
Queen Canna is an Instagram-only apparel shop and lifestyle brand. It began when the owner was growing cannabis for personal use. A women’s wellness line with Cannabis lube, suppositories, and cannabis skin care emerged. Later, their Queen Canna Logo Wear an Statement clothing became a hit and the Queen Canna Lifestyle Brand was born. Their number one mission is to empower women to be the best version of themselves and have more joy and contentment in life.
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Weed shirts are no longer just giant pot leafs but carefully designed masterpieces that actually look cute! And who’s putting out some of the best marijuana clothing these days? According to what we’ve seen on the market….it’s women!
Cannabis clothing is getting way better! We’re getting less tie-dye and more tasteful colors. Less cartoons wearing Rastafarian hats and more artwork and empowering words.
5 Cannabis Clothing Companies Owned By Women (That Will Inspire Your Next Outfit) Cannabis clothing is getting way better! We’re getting less tie-dye and more tasteful colors. Less cartoons