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The best marijuana seeds will leave you with the best yields always. Consider buying cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks only. Find out about them here. <p>Our Pineapple Express is a perfect combination of sensations and flavors, comparable to a fine Brandy or a handmade sports car, It’s a marijuana variety created for those who love pleasure and know how to savor every fine morsel of life. Tasty and exem Weedseedsexpress has 5 stars! Check out what 802 people have written so far, and share your own experience.

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There are several states around the US that have legalized the growing and use of marijuana or cannabis. Those living in these states would be intrigued to grow their own cannabis plants rather than buying from licensed sellers. This means that you would have to consider looking for the best marijuana seeds in the market right now. You will definitely need the best seed banks to get high-quality seeds.

With several hundreds of seed banks available, sometimes deciding becomes hard. However, all of that can change when you go through this guide. We give you proper guidance and reviews on the best seed banks so that you only buy the best seeds for yourself. Let us see where you should consider buying your cannabis seeds.

Editor’s Choice
I Love Growing Marijuana

• High-quality strains available
• Stealth shipping is available
• It has free and fast shipping worldwide

Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship to USA

• I Love Growing Marijuana – Editor’s Choice
• CropKingSeeds – Best for Germination Guarantee
• Herbies Seeds – Best Seed Bank for Variety
• Seedsman – Best for Medicinal Strains
• MSNL – Best Brand for Value
• WeedSeedsExpress – Best for Fast Shipping

I Love Growing Marijuana

• It has many growing guides to follow
• A huge range of seeds is available
•The marijuana seeds are generally high-quality
• Some beginner seeds tend to be out of stock
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This is one of the best brands to get the marijuana seeds. The seed bank is widely known for variety. That is how you can find several seed types here including feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, beginner cannabis seeds, and high THC strains. There are many other categories to check out. Visiting the official website can help you see what options are available.

Some of the common seeds include Blue Dream, Super Mix, Bruce Banner, and more. These are the common strains most people looking to buy marijuana seeds online would buy. This is mostly because they are easy to grow and would also flower regardless of the lighting conditions.

The company often has several promotions on its website. This means you can buy marijuana seeds at affordable prices and also get free seeds as a bonus. Those who are new to growing cannabis seeds also get additional help from the support team and also the growing guides available on the website.

Crop King Seeds


• Multiple payment methods
• Impressive guarantee on seed germination
• Discreet delivery available
• Expensive seeds

Germination guarantee on marijuana seeds is quite important. No one would want even want the free seeds from cannabis seed banks if there is no guarantee they would germinate. Crop King Seeds has a germination guarantee of 80%. This should be good enough to find more people buying the feminized and autoflower seeds so that they can grow their desired strains with ease.

Like other cannabis seed banks, you will come across multiple seed varieties when seeking to buy the seeds. You will find strains such as White Widow, Trainwreck, Dwarf Low Flyer, Sour Girl, Revolver, and NYC Diesel. You still get regular seeds and CBD seeds. This is the type of variety a person needs.

The discreet delivery should make most people consider it. At least they know the products would not raise a lot of attention during customs check and delivery. The 24/7 chat support team can help track your order and generally help with understanding more about strains before buying. The seed bank also has some of the best payment methods available.

Herbies Seeds

Free seeds available with each purchase
• Stealth shipping is available
Has a wide range of seeds available
• Its shipping is costly

It is no brainer that people would want promotions or discount codes more often. That is nothing to worry about when buying weed seeds from this brand. Unlike some cannabis seed banks, you get the best seed banks still within a reasonable price range from Herbies Seeds. This has made even those new to growing cannabis plants have an easier time buying the seeds.

It is not just about affordability, but also variety. You will get strong strains, big yielders, those with high THC, auto-flowering seeds, feminized marijuana seeds, and so much more. It also works with notable breeders with the aim of getting you the best quality seeds at all times. That is how more people go for it right now.

Worldwide stealth shipping makes it a great pick too. You can have the seeds shipped to you without raising eyebrows. Also, the shipping is fast. The last thing a person wants is to buy weed seeds online and they take too long to be delivered. The good customer support team will have your back always.


Sells high-quality cannabis strains
• Over 350 strains available
• Has good offers from time to time
• Lacks stealth shipping

Seedsman has mostly been considered for the medical marijuana seeds. Here you can find different types of feminized seeds to help with your needs. Of course, there are many other cannabis seeds to consider too. We are talking of strains such as Mama Thai, C99 x Blueberry, Jack Herer, and more.

Seedsman has experience in the sector for the last 20 years. As a result, you expect it to have seeds from top breeders only. Even if you get the free seeds, growing cannabis is also easier knowing the breeders did a good job. The seed bank also has over 350 strains of cannabis available. This should present you with the best variety.

Most people find shipping by this company to be easy and fast. Just check to see if your country is supported or not. There is not much information on stealth shipping. However, you can always consult with the company for more information. The seed bank also involves itself in many charities to help people understand cannabis better.

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It offers good value for money
• It is 100% discreet
• The seed bank offers guaranteed delivery

• Its offers are often shortlived

This is one brand you can expect to end up with the best value when seeking auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminized seeds, and other types of weed seeds. The popular strains with free seeds that people buy include Runtz, Weeding Cake, Lemon Skunk, GMO Cookies, Tropicana, MAC, and more.

Since the seed bank has over 20 years of experience in the sector, you should expect the best seeds generally. There are premium seeds on sale all from world-class breeders. Each of the seeds sold would have a label indicating the breeders. At least you can research more about the breeder to understand why you should be buying from the seed bank.

Guaranteed delivery makes more people want to get the best weed seeds from the seed bank. In case the seeds are lost, a fresh package would be dispatched. You can also expect 100% discreet shipping too. This is for those who want to keep things under wrap when buying the seeds. The option of free seeds for each order makes people know there is a lot more you get for the money.


Comes with fast shipping
• Multiple seed variety
• It offers delivery and germination guarantee

• Rates of processing returns could be better

Weed Seeds Express might just be the seed bank you need to buy cannabis seeds online. With a good rate of germination guarantee, you should end up with the best seeds generally. The company catalog has over 100 strains available to consider. Such is impressive so that you only buy high-quality seeds and there are several options to consider.

Unlike some cannabis seed banks, you are also assured of security and privacy here. The company remains committed to keeping the order details private. At least you end up with high-quality seeds without them being confiscated by customs. Delivery guarantee also makes it easier for people to buy seeds from the seed bank.

The seed bank often has new seeds added to the platform. Some of the newest seeds include Purple Punch, Lowryder, Banana Kush, and Humbolt. You will find such seeds having the best offers in terms of free seeds and reduced prices. Having same-day shipping makes it better too.

Guide to Buying Cannabis Seeds in the United States

Laws around the growing of pot seeds can be quite confusing at times. This is because, at the federal level in the US, it is illegal to grow cannabis. However, the states can determine if you can grow and use cannabis at an individual level. That is why you always have to understand the local laws before using that ILGM coupon for buying cannabis seeds online.

States such as Massachusetts, Colorado, Alaska, and California allow the residents to grow their own marijuana. So, if you live in these mentioned states, simply get your marijuana seeds from seed banks that ship to the US and start growing your cannabis seeds. Just make sure the online seed banks can ship to your location.

As much as the mentioned states allow you to grow pot seeds, there might be some additional limitations too. Some of them may include:

• Growing marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes only
• Check to see if you need a license to grow marijuana for non-commercial purposes
• Understand the number of plants you are allowed to grow at home
• How many plants are allowed per household? Having a roommate might not always mean having more cannabis plants
• Check if the plants must be grown indoors or outdoors
Take note that these laws keep on changing so keep yourself updated.

Tips for Discreet Shipping

One thing is for sure, many people would want to keep their affairs private especially when they want to buy cannabis seeds online. Luckily, many marijuana seed banks offer the discreet shipping option. As much as it might not always be available, ensure you get it in case the online seed bank offers it.

During discreet shipping, the online seed banks would try to make the package as vague as possible. They may be packaged to look like DVDs, pens, flashlights, and so much more. This would ensure the package can also get past customs without necessarily being confiscated.

The other option for discreet shipping would be opting for smaller orders. Any large order would attract attention and the customs team would be interested to know where it is headed. Ensure you distribute the risk by ordering the packages in small to medium amounts.

You may also want to consider paying with cryptocurrency too. The good thing with this type of currency is that it is untraceable. It does not necessarily mean you are doing something illegal but just to maintain privacy. So, each time a seed bank offers this choice, go for it.

How to Look for Quality Genetics when Buying Marijuana Seeds

When buying marijuana seeds, you will come across many terms such as unstable genetics and it can get confusing. So, how do you buy high-quality cannabis seeds?

For starters, quality marijuana seeds from seed banks should not have an unstable genetics label. When they say unstable genetics, it means that the origin of the seeds is unknown. Always buy the seeds from a well-known breeder to have a better guarantee that the germinating marijuana seeds are high quality too.

A good breeder will indicate where the seeds came from and how the seeds were crossed or even backcrossed to end up with the final seed being sold right now. If the seed has no history, then it could not be the best quality or it is a result of poor breeding by the breeder.

Breeders would often put their seeds through different rounds of backcrossing until they can stabilize the seed genetics. That is what you want as you are assured the properties of the seeds will be the same all along.

Some breeders might take shortcuts and up with a hybrid strain. However, that might not always mean the resultant seeds will be the best generally.

How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost?

A weed seed bank is likely to sell you a dozen seeds for around $40. This is a common figure offered by other seed banks. However, the price is mostly based on the strain and demand for it. If you want exotic seeds, sometimes the price can go up to $500 per package.

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Depending on the seed banks, you may come across coupons that help you save a good amount. Or when you buy in bundles, then you can get some discounts.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds

We have already covered the best online seed banks to consider. Make sure you check them out more often to find the best cannabis seeds that suit your needs.

Other than buying from online cannabis seed banks, you have the option of buying from medical marijuana dispensaries too. If the state allows the growing of cannabis, then these dispensaries would have cannabis seeds.

Consider the local seed banks in your area too. Such seed banks allow you to get the seeds locally so that you do not have to ship them from different states or countries.


A good cannabis seed bank will have all the best marijuana seeds you need to grow your own supply. However, not all online seed banks may ship to the US. That is why we have covered the best marijuana seed banks to check out if you want the seeds delivered to the US. So long as you have researched the marijuana laws in your state, do not be afraid to get the seeds. Always opt for discreet shipping if it is offered to avoid customs confiscating the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I pay for seeds?
It depends on the seed bank. They mostly allow paying via Visa/Master card, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, and cash on delivery.

Can I buy cannabis seeds in other states or countries?
Yes. So long as cannabis growing is legal in your state, you can order from anywhere. However, there might be some restrictions so read the marijuana laws in your state first.

Can marijuana seeds be delivered to any country?
Not always as different countries would have different laws on growing cannabis seeds. Ensure the seeds are allowed before ordering to avoid inconveniences.

Is it safe to buy marijuana seeds online?
Ensure you are buying from a reputable seed bank. This will leave you with high-quality marijuana seeds to grow locally.

What is stealth shipping?
Stealth shipping is when the package is disguised as a different product from what you are buying. Examples are when marijuana seeds are packaged to look like torches or DVDs.

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Weed Seeds Express

Our Pineapple Express is a perfect combination of sensations and flavors, comparable to a fine Brandy or a handmade sports car, It’s a marijuana variety created for those who love pleasure and know how to savor every fine morsel of life. Tasty and exemplary overall, this is without a doubt, one of our best autoflowering strains. It’s a hybrid formed from an ideal combination of genetics with fruity flavors

Pineapple Express offers a mixture of unforgettable aromas: ripe fruit, tropical and sweet, very sweet pineapple; sensations that will lead you to discover pleasures like sex. Pineapple Express is for those who have hedonistic palates – those who like to indulge in a delicious desert and sweet liquor with attractive companions in a luxurious restaurant.

Thanks to its high THC levels and the pleasurable effects induced by its aroma, this variety is a fantastic aphrodisiac, able to stimulate the sexual appetite and heat up the coldest, most frigid room with hot sex energy in a matter of moments. Its smoke is pleasant with a deep juicy pineapple flavor. It reduces anxiety, increases happiness and produces a sensation of weightlessness, the high is like foreplay – a soft entrance that after five minutes leaves you free of rational thoughts and totally uninhibited. All you’ll be left with is pure instinct and a deep need to offer up your desires to the heat of the moment.

Pineapple Express is a feminized and autoflowering strain that can grow large. It’s a great Sativa Indica hybrid and the autoflowering genetics are superb, resulting in extremely rapid flowering times. For this reason, its name contains the word “Express”. While growing this plant you’ll get the impression that you’re in a tropical party full of happiness and sweet lusciousness. A more pronounced effect is apparent in cold countries where the plant floods the cultivation room with exotic and tropical aromas. The intense pineapple smell entices one to take special care of it during the entire harvest, like if you were preparing a tasty gourmet cake. Its cultivation is simple, pleasant, and very fast, since it will be completely mature within 60 days, and can yield 300 grams per plant (10 oz) when conditions are favorable. It is quite a large autoflowering variety, and can reach a height of 140 cm (55 inches). For this reason we recommend 10 liter pots (3 gallons). Plus, it’s fine for novice growers since it only needs special attention with regards to pH and light, but you should judge the plant by its results – it’s worth it! This strain does well with added fertilizers except for nitrogen, which you should use in moderation. This plant can surprise one with its distinctive characteristics. It seems like a pineapple, not only due to its aroma, but because while growing it develops a profusion of cones and robust dark green leaves. After the first week of flowering it starts to build up a coating of resin that, by the end of flowering (which lasts about 54 days), will cover the entire plant.

We have indeed achieved a strain with abundant resin that has an explosively potent composition: 20% THC and 0.9% of CBD. This means a phenomenal experience is assured.

Gender: Feminized
Genes: sativa/indica
Genetics: Pineapple Express autoflowering
Flowering: 9 weeks from germination
Harvest US: up to 1.3 pounds per light
Harvest EU: 400-600 g/m2 50-300 g/plant
Height US: up to 55 inches
Height EU: 90 – 140cm
THC: Very high
CBD: 0.9%

Weedseedsexpress Reviews

I’m in Australia, have purchased here, once, surely again.
Great steath, hell, l looked hard before l found my beans.
Sincerely,, Ol man..

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Stealthier than a ninja in the night! Enjoy your grow!

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

WSE has came through for me again

WSE has came through for me again. Until my last order 100% germination. That was through 4 orders. For whatever reason the last shipment 50%germination. Contacted WSE got a replacement order free. WSE still my go to seed store. Thanks WSE.

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Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Great to hear it got resolved in the end! Enjoy the grow!

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Great service from Weed Seeds Express

Great service from Weed Seeds Express. They resent my order 2 times because it wasnt getting to me. They didnt have to but they did. Third time lucky and the package made it. Great service they are easy to deal with and respond to emails within 24 hours

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Hey hitmeonthehead again,

Third times the charm! Enjoy your grow!


Its the first time I have used this company and as a fairly experienced grower especially of Autos I have to say 10/10. Never in my life have I seen seeds with such vigorous growth
Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!
It’s nice to have the guesswork removed with top class beans seriously super impressed. Thanks

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Great to hear your autos flourished! Enjoy the harvest!

I started using this company over a…

I started using this company over a year ago. They have become my only go to shop for my needs. I recommend them to everyone I know! Love love love them
They keep me notified with shipping and they are super quick!! Don’t think about it just use them you won’t regret it!

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Thanks for the review and for spreading the message! That is priceless!

Happy as pie

my Bruce Banner Fem seeds were stopped at customs so after the allotted time I paid and extra $15 au for express shipping and they arrived in 6 days however the courier misplaced the package under the seat so I waited 9 days.
Girl Scout cookies are nearing harvest and are looking amazing. Thanks WSE will continue shopping with you.

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

We can only imagine how agonizing it was to have the seeds just out of reach. Good to hear everything came through in the end. Enjoy the harvest!

These guys are great

These guys are great. I have had several orders with no issues. There was a bit of a delay with the last order, but customer service was right on top of things. I would highly recommend Weedseedsexpress.com for all your seed needs.

EDIT: There has been a 100% generation rate so far.

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Great to hear everything got resolved. Thanks for the kind words and enjoy the grow!

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First time buyer of marijuana…

I’m a first time buyer of marijuana seeds and a complete novice.
I found the website information, customer service assistance, ordering and delivery to be very efficient.
Highly recommended

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

We always love to help out first time buyers! Thanks for the review and enjoy your first (bought) grow!

Some seeds just don’t germinate.

I had bought some seeds from weedseedexpress and those seeds didn’t germinate very well, in fact I only had a very small amount that actually germinated ( 2 ) out of 20. I have other seeds from weedseedexpress that germinate without any problems. I brought this to weedseedexpress attention and they replaced the bad seeds very quickly and I couldn’t be more happier. Thank You Weedseedexpress, we will be doing more business. Great Customer Service!

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Thanks for review, and great to hear the issue got resolved. Have a pleasant grow!

Great backup support

Great backup support when an order went missing. Re-issued straight away, no questions asked. Recommend the product as well. Thanks people.

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Thanks for the review, enjoy the grow!

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Great service once again by WSE

Great service once again by WSE, for some reason my shipment did not arrive so they simply resent it to me – no questions asked.
Amazing customer focus
Thanks again Weedseeds Express

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Always great to see happy customers! Thanks for the review and enjoy the grow!

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Excellent customer service and…

Excellent customer service and delivery. Received order today, less than 7 days from order! Seeds are discreetly packaged and very nice looking ready to plant soon! Grow 420 all.

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Looks like you are ready for your next grow! Enjoy and thanks for the review!

Awesome company.

This is my second time ordering from you guys, absolutely awesome service, very quick delivery and discreet. Thanks guys.

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy your grow!

Hi guys big thank you for all your help…

Hi guys big thank you for all your help and awesome customer service, you truly do appreciate your customers and give them all the support and advice on your products my order arrived on time, and I would recommend anybody to make future purchases through your web site. Regards Siegfried of Australia.

All my seeds arrived when I was told…

All my seeds arrived when I was told and the seeds are very fresh I had a few popping within 4 hours! I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of these ladies thank you very much I’ll definitely be back for another order!

Reply from Weedseedsexpress

You can’t get fresher than that, enjoy the grow, and we also love to see the end result of your ordered seeds!

This is a fair dinkum site

This is a fair dinkum site. I couldn’t be any happier. I spent over $1,500 on seed sites last year and only 1 made it. This site is genuine and the service was amazing the follow-up and the tracking were second-to-none. This is the best site ive come across yet. Five stars all away. This is the site of the year, know, of the decade. I couldn’t be more impressed well done Weedseed. A platinum effort

Chiquita Banana

Chiquita Banana: Three plants started indoors and finished outside/inside (for the 12 hour flowering time.) All were healthy and started having amber trichomes at just 7 weeks so I harvested. Best weed in ages – weed that made everything beautiful. Laughed at stupid stutters. High as a kite after 3 medium hits – be careful it is a creeper and won’t knock you on your butt until a half hour later. I have another one growing outdoors and will just let it go full photo period and it is already bigger than the 3 indoor ones. Everybody must (try Chiquita Banana!) get stoned!