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Reviews: Амстердам Marijuana Seed Shop Seedbank Review On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 29 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Marijuana Seed Shop is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do Weed Seeds Express WeedSeedsExpress is based in the Dutch city of Haarlem, an area known for its vibrant marijuana culture and history. Despite being relatively new, the seed bank’s already

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A British fantasy comedy done as a variant of Jack And The Beanstalk. A young man heads to Amsterdam to find his father who runs a surf themed smoke shop. After finding his father he finds out his shop is failing due to the shop across the road that takes all the business with their green giant theme. The young man ends up meeting a mysterious homeless man who gives him a magic seed. The seed ends up in the toilet and the next day a massive pot tree takes up the whole store with buds the size of pumpkins. This puts him back in business but soon has the competing store plotting on how to steal the bud and enter it into the Amsterdam Bowl.

This is a light stoner flick mixed with a bit of Time Bandits and Jack The Giant Slayer type themes. It is watchable (better if you’re high yourself) and you will laugh a few times. Not for kids though as there is constant joint smoking and coarse language (joint smoking is hard on the throat). All in all not bad and they even throw in a few minutes of animation. There was even a moral or two but I can’t remember.

The main theme of Stoner Express aka AmStarDam is weed. The actor, actress, script writer, director, crew everyone was high when they are making this movie. That is why they enjoyed making the film and did not care what are they making. So if you decide to watch the movie then make sure that you are also high when you are watching the film.

It is a typical average film. The story is predictable, and there was nothing unique about the script. And also there was no twist or surprise in the plot. Although it is a comedy movie but there was not much comedy in it that you can laugh at.

Overall acting is also average. Eline Powell looked so cute and beautiful in it but her performance was not very good in the film.

To sum it up, not recommended. But if you are high already, then go watch the film, you might enjoy it.

If you love Stoner movies you’ll enjoy it, if you don’t. you probably wont 🙂 Its stupid, childish and tacky. and I enjoyed the hell out of it. If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam and got stoned you’ll get all the in jokes. Probably longer than it needed to be, but its low budget excuses most of the issues with editing and production. Acting is a little wooden, and the ‘bad guy’ reminded me more of a gangster leprechaun, but the supporting cast keep the laughs coming and the dwarfs. evil dwarfs.

Fantastic to see Howard Marks give his final performance on screen (RIP Howard we miss you!).

*note: Amsterdam Coffeeshops aren’t really like this but never mind its fun! Non stoners probably shouldn’t bother though.

Whether you’re a stoner or not, Amstardam The Movie/Stoner Express is funny regardless. Can’t fault the production or actors and the locations looked amazing.

Best performances have to go to Kenneth Collard (Eddie) and Eric Lampaert (Loz) as both were hilarious. The narrative has that ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ (or ‘greenstalk’) feel to it which was a nice touch and it was great to see the legend Howard Marks appear at the end too (R.I.P) for the Amstardam cup.

It’s good to see a well made British stoner film with a decent score, something that is quite hard to come by! Oh and the ‘powerpuff girls’ inspired animation looked excellent too.

I’ve wanted to watch this movie from a long time. Only knowing that it has a lot of “greenery” in it. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie with lots of laughs. Amazing score and lovely shots of Amsterdam itself. Highly recommended if you are up for some feel good comedy gold. The fairy tail twist adds a heartwarming effect to ‘a stoner movie. It is an awesome way to tie in a nice love story. The plot was fun and enjoyable. I have never seen anything like this movie, The movie is very original and I enjoyed the wit of it, excellent stoner comedy made from A to Z to be enjoyed high, and it is enjoyable. I saw it 6 times with different friends each time and every single person absolutely loved it.

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This is the Brothers Grimm, if they were on pot. Lots and lots of pot. Fitting I saw it in Germany this week but its under another title here in EU (Amsterdam?) I adored it. It is crazy. Admittedly I am a fan of Billy Boyd and wanted to see more of him, and with his crazy Scottish accent, he stole the film. Beautifully shot in Amsterdam which makes the city a character of sorts. The plot was fun, once I accepted I was in fairy tale and enjoyed the good knight battling evil for the princess cliché. But primarily its a comedy. Well a trip. Well a stoner comedy. Im not sure what it is actually- -It is definitely a trip, with references to every fairy tale imaginable. Would recommend for the whole family if it wasn’t for all the drug taking. Can say I haven’t seen anything like it since – well the 80s heydays. Had to review it as a non-smoker. Well mostly. But two big thumbs up. Original.

This is one of the funniest films since Cheech and Chongs Up In Snoke. Just simply hilarious and this comes from a guy who doesn’t Smoke. This is a film that is just fun and goofy, however a rather good depiction of some of the stoners in the Netherlands. The characters are well thought out and portrayed to the extent that you really feel for them.

This is entertaining in a “how did this get made?” sort of way. I think this was a lot of the cast and production crew’s first film, but it’s not terrible for a first film. Most of the sets looked like high school productions. The plot was weird and the dialogue was awkward and lacked subtlety. The acting was. well, the lead (Jonathan Readwin) was cast because he sort of looks like James Franco, and that’s about all I can say about him. Sean Power tries way too hard to be a combination of Johnny Depp and Russell Brand, and doesn’t pull it off. I will say this though – the shots of Amsterdam were beautiful, and the extensive use of gels gave the film a fun 80s fantasy feel. The cinematography was definitely the best part of the film. It looks like it was re-branded to look like a rip-off of Pineapple Express for American sales, and I don’t think that was a good marketing move, even though that’s kind of the reason I bought it. It’s pretty much what I expected though. Overall, its a cheap and somewhat inept, but mildly interesting and unintentionally funny film. It at least holds your attention if you have an afternoon to waste.

Marijuana Seed Shop Seedbank Review

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 29 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Marijuana Seed Shop is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

User Reviews

guest No info, July 2022

Marijuana grow shop is shady AF. They did not honor their insurance guarantee after my order was mia for 5 weeks. Then they ignored my messages. Luckily I paid with a CC and reported the transaction .

guest Australia, February 2022

I’ve used their website for over 2 years, they were once the best at what they do, but they became unreliable with postage very quickly and sadly I will never use them again. 3 orders never arrived to Australia, they just vanished which started around October 2021.. Marijuana seed shop have a 100% delivery guarantee in which they agreed to proceed with and gave me the choice of a refund or to reshipped my orders, (you can not receive refunds if purchased in AU) 1 lot of The replacement seeds arrived but they were terrible and a complete waste of time costing even more money from attempting to grow them. I’ve lost over $800 AUD in seed alone through this seed bank.
There are other more reliable and trustworthy seed banks to use. Shop around people

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guest Australia, September 2021

They do not reply to emails and cut you off after taking your money.
I used bitcoin for payment.

guest Australia, June 2021

Delivery guarantee is worthless. ordered in April and now they don’t even respond to my requests for a refund. Don’t use them, they are scammers

guest Australia, May 2021

Great packaging and fast delivery. I was very happy. They all look good. Poorly labeled, but you can’t have everything.
I will re review once the final results are in the bowl.

guest Australia, April 2021

Spent over $1500Au 4 shipments 4t shirts, 9/10 germination all grew 8 / 10 feet but no 2 the same, out of 60. a mixed bag of rubbish including 2 10’ males. One of which seeded my whole crop before I ripped it out, 6months and a lot of cash down the drain, even without the flowers 70% would have been thrown away, really bad genetics, I’ll pay a little extra and go seeds man next season if Yantra doesn’t return.

guest Canada, January 2021

If your into giving money to charity go for it just do not buy from these thieves , they will take your money, send you some shit seeds and charge you top dollar and when seeds fail to germinate, in my case 11 of 20. and then make every excuse possible why you do not qualify for refund nor seed replacement.

guest New Zealand, January 2021

I bought 10 bubblegum Fem 10 Alaskan Thunder Fuck Reg and got the 10 free AK Fem out of 30 seeds i germinated 10 seeds 6 bubblegum 3 ak and 1 reg ATF all seeds successfully popped and are in pre flower all look amazing as my first purchase ill be buying off them in the future my reg ATF is also female so im stoked they are growing in only 50ltr containers outdoors and over 6 ft with closely structured nodes on all easy to top lst very hardy shes been extremely windy here and they been getting thrashed but love it no snaps no damage not even to the leaves

guest Canada, October 2020

seeds failed to germinate. company offered no replacement no refund! CROOKS!

guest Australia, May 2020

Stealth delivery. Arrived within 2 weeks cannot complain about that from the other side of the world.
Nothing crushed and 2 bonus gsc seeds on top of the 10 ak’s for free
Could be the start of a beatiful friendship

guest Australia, April 2020

order recieved, stealth packaging was fantastic, will buy again

guest Australia, April 2020

fast stealthy postage to australia, there was a small issue caused by local post company, customer server in resolving this issue was fantastic, highly recommend

guest Australia, January 2020

Do not buy anything from Marijuana seed shop. I used them because they guaranteed deliver into Australia.
I pre payed for my order using international bank transfer.
Didnt receive my order after waiting the maximum 21 day delivery time that they advised me. They took 9 days to reply to my first and second emails asking where the order was.
They took 1 week to reply to an email from me asking for refund then said they would refund. I have e-mailed them 3 times now asking where is the refund but have had no reply.

guest Australia, January 2020

Ordered and paid with bitcoin and haven?t received any confirmation of my order and have email a few times but no reply
Called their number but got a msg of incorrect number

guest United States, December 2019

If not for the three week delivery time, they would be perfect. The ten free AK47 beans with every order is a good reason to repeat my order.

guest Australia, October 2019

Marijuana Seed Shop have been professional and reliable in the delivery of my orders. I recommend The Marijuana Seed Shop to anyone looking for a straight forward, no fuss, experience. Regards.

guest Greece, March 2018


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guest United States, November 2017

They ripped me off. Beware these people are thieves. They will totally steal your money.

guest France, August 2017

I never recieved the order i paied for.
crooks or badluck ?

guest United States, May 2017

Placed order, funds transferred but they never sent items nor replied to numerous emails nor other communication. Very disappointed in their practice and will not use them again.

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Weed Seeds Express

WeedSeedsExpress is based in the Dutch city of Haarlem, an area known for its vibrant marijuana culture and history. Despite being relatively new, the seed bank’s already making waves and steadily gaining popularity, thanks to its founders’ 15 years of experience in breeding and cultivating cannabis.

In this review, we’ll share everything we know about WeedSeedsExpress to help you decide if it’s the right one for you. So far, we can say that it’s a much-needed breath of fresh air in the online cannabis seed industry, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll hear more about them in the future. Keep reading to find out why.


At the moment, WeedSeedsExpress only offers 106 seeds, but the number is expected to increase as the company continues to grow. Their stock has a good combination of classic favorites and new hybrids in feminized, autoflowering, or regular seed form, all from rigorously tested strains and organically-grown plants. These are the seed bank’s best-selling offerings and, unsurprisingly, they’re all feminized:

Shipping and Delivery

WeedSeedsExpress ships worldwide via regular, standard post for free and always uses discreet, moisture-proof packaging for all orders. Depending on the order amount, they can ship with Track and Trace at no additional charge. Plus, delivery is guaranteed, so if your purchase doesn’t arrive, it will be re-shipped at no extra cost.

Customer Service

WeedSeedsExpress vows to provide excellent customer service 7 days a week, even on weekends and holidays, between 7 am to 6 pm UTC. After going through plenty of online reviews for this seed bank, it does appear that they’re doing their best to keep their customers happy and efficiently address concerns. Proof of this high level of care is demonstrated in this customer feedback: “This is a great company, I had a little mixup with not getting enough product. I emailed them about it and they instantly sent me another package a couple days after the email.”

Ease of Website Navigation

WeedSeedsExpress.com has a small selection of seeds organized into popular categories like Feminized seeds, Autoflowering seeds, High-CBD seeds, Best-selling seeds, and Sale. Truly user-friendly, the page for each category is equipped with a sidebar filter, so buyers can quickly find the seeds with their preferred THC level, CBD level, yield size, and height. The results can also be arranged in ascending or descending order in various criteria.

Price and Special Offers

5-seed packs from WeedSeedsExpress come with a price range between €25 and €65. Compared to other Dutch seed banks, they’re quite a steal.

Apart from having a bargain price, WeedSeedsExpress offers promotions like “buy 5 get 5 free,” percentage-based deductions, and coupon codes. Potential buyers can find these on the website’s sale page and coupons and discount page.


Customers can pay with MasterCard, cryptocurrencies, or cash when ordering from WeedSeedsExpress. If using the first option, rest assured that the transaction that will appear in your bank statement will be discreet and won’t mention anything cannabis-related.

Thank you for checking our reviews! If you recently bought cannabis seeds from an online store, we’d love to hear about your experience and what you think of their products and services. This will only take a few minutes but will save fellow weed growers from a lot of headaches later. It can also determine which seedbanks we should continue to work with.