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weed nutrients for sale

Weed nutrients for sale

Get a custom nutrient schedule directly from the people at House & Garden via their free online nutrient calculator. Their “Aqua Flakes” lineup is supposed to be really low on salt buildup, which may help give your buds a smoother smoke and less chance of nutrient burn in a DWC setting.

This combo is a crowd favorite – many coco coir growers write in to tell us this is their favorite cannabis nutrient for growing in coco coir. Get a custom nutrient schedule from Canna or use this pre-made one [JPG].
Where is this information? Most nutrient bottles display 3 numbers, often called N-P-K, which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

Easy organic solution – everything you need in one box. This kit not only has base nutrients, but also all of GO’s most popular organic supplements. Here’s a cannabis-friendly nutrient feeding chart (start at half the recommended strength) for the GO Box.
The General Hydroponics Flora trio is a chemical-based nutrient that’s so popular it’s even been used by NASA to grow plants in space!
It’s a good idea to always start at half the manufacturer’s recommendation ! Most nutrient companies recommend way too much for growing cannabis!
Canna Coco
Now that you understand everything you need to know about picking the right nutrient system, check out some supplements!

To make things even more complicated, different compounds can interact with each other. For example, the Nitrate Nitrogens like the ones listed above become more available to the plant if a tiny amount of Ammoniacal Nitrogen is added to the mix, but Ammoniacal Nitrogen isn’t good by itself.

What's the "best" cannabis nutrient system? There are literally thousands of choices! Learn what to look for and get examples of great marijuana nutrients.