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weed laws in mississippi

Weed laws in mississippi

Is marijuana legal in Mississippi? No. However, while Mississippi is unlikely to pursue full legalization of marijuana any time soon, the state has had decriminalization policies in place since 1978. Under the decriminalization policies, possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana is punishable only by a fine of up to $250. However, repeat offenses and possession of greater amounts can lead to jail time.

Hemp-derived CBD products are legal under Federal Law in the United States; however, individual state laws are dynamic and fluid. Individual states may enact their own laws governing hemp-derived CBD.
Despite it’s conservative background, Mississippi is making progress when it comes to fair access to cannabis. Mississippi also has a unique history with cannabis, as Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) has been the country’s sole producer of federally legal marijuana in the United States. Learn more about Mississippi marijuana laws below.

Cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Mississippi outside of the University of Mississippi’s tightly regulated growing program for research
Updated September 2019
Possession and sale of 30 grams and above is a felony punishable by jail terms ranging from 3 years to 30 years and fines ranging from $3000 to $1000,000. If sale is made to a minor (and that too within designated areas such as schools and churches) carries double fines and jail terms. The state of Mississippi also imposes minimum mandatory sentences on possession of recreational marijuana, the highest being 10 years in case of possession of 5kg or more.
Unfortunately, the state has gone no further in creating access to medical marijuana.
Progress may be on the horizon in the state. Advocates are currently working to collect 100,000 signatures in order to get Ballot Initiative 48 in front of voters in the 2016 election.

Stay up to date on the latest state legislation, referendums, and public opinion polls. Our Marijuana Legalization Map allows you to browse the current status of medical and recreational marijuana laws in other U.S. states and territories.

With more states legalizing the use of marijuana it can be hard to stay up to date on Mississippi marijuana laws. Click to learn more about marijuana laws in MS!

Weed laws in mississippi

Surprisingly, a Republican state representative is working to make medical cannabis available to seriously ill patients in Mississippi. Joel Bomgar introduced HB 1360, a bill that would have created a program where chronically ill patients with certain medical conditions would be able to safely and legally access and use medical cannabis with a doctor’s approval. Unfortunately, HB 1360 did not pass. However, in 2014, a very restrictive law passed in Mississippi that allowed only a very limited number of patients to benefit from medical marijuana. This is a step in the right direction for Mississippi, but it still leaves vast numbers of seriously ill patients without access to medical marijuana.

First, you must be a resident of Mississippi suffering from a debilitating epileptic condition. You are required to request your medical records and a written document from a Mississippi­ licensed physician confirming your medical condition. Once you have acquired all the proper documents, then you can apply for the card through the state of Mississippi.
You always risk getting in trouble at the federal level, but you shouldn’t get into trouble with officials in states where marijuana is legal. As long as you follow state guidelines, you shouldn’t have to worry. If you find yourself in a pinch with the law, check out our Mississippi Cannabis Lawyers page for help!

Unfortunately, the legalization of recreational marijuana will not be on the ballot this November. Initiative 48 would have allowed adults 21 years and older to legally use marijuana and grow up to nine marijuana plants for personal use, while taxing marijuana sales at seven percent (excluding medical cannabis and industrial hemp). Additionally, the Governor would have been required to pardon anyone currently convicted of nonviolent cannabis crimes in Mississippi. This particular initiative required 107,216 valid signatures to get on the ballot, but organizers were unable to collect the minimum amount due to law enforcement interference.
Fines can vary from $3,000 to a million bucks, depending on the amount of weed you were found possessing. The sale and cultivation of marijuana in Mississippi is generally considered a felony and carries extremely severe penalties, especially if sold to a minor or within a certain distance of a school or church. In these cases, incarceration periods and fines are doubled.
Selling over 1 kilogram makes you subject to 30 years imprisonment and a million ­dollar fine. If caught selling more than 10 pounds of marijuana, you could be looking at life imprisonment with a fine of one million dollars. If you find yourself in a pinch with the law, check out our Mississippi Cannabis Lawyers page for help!
Yes, but – only low ­THC cannabis is allowed for patients with catastrophic seizure disorders in Mississippi. The Natural Product Laboratory at the University of Mississippi is the only place legally able to grow medical marijuana in Mississippi. So far, federal paperwork has prevented UMMC from conducting clinical trials on cannabis oil extract or distribute the cannabis oil. Medical marijuana is still legal, and only qualified patients can receive some legal protection.
Cannabis oil can only be accessed through the Natural Product Laboratory at the University of Mississippi. The purchase of medical cannabis is still illegal in Mississippi.

No, you must be a resident of Mississippi with valid identification.

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