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weed jars ebay

Weed jars ebay

Legal states like Washington, Oregon, and Colorado are spurring the emergence of cannabis companies and startups that cater to particular market niches. One popular target market is discerning adults of all ages, many of whom aren’t especially turned on by a crinkled baggie hidden in a sock drawer.

Maintaining low temperatures and minimal oxygen in a sample of cannabis flowers prevents a natural botanical process of decomposition called decarboxylation. This involves the conversion of THC-A, everyone’s favorite acidic precursor in cannabis, to THC, the molecule responsible for the herb’s psychoactive effect. If stored long enough under the wrong conditions (too much air and light), THC will further degrade into cannabinol (CBN), a cannabinoid that promotes sleep and produces grogginess and sometimes confusion; it is best considered to be stale THC.
There are many urban legends and misperceptions when it comes to the storage of cannabis flowers. One of the best and least expensive ways of storing cannabis, for short or long term, is a simple canning jar (like a Mason or Bell) stored in a dark area, such as a drawer, dresser, or dedicated storage container.

Although cannabis is typically sold in plastic baggies by black market dealers, this is no way in which to store the kind herb. Unfortunately, many pot consumers confuse the most economical method of transporting relatively small quantities of pot for commercial sale — sandwich baggies or the special odor-proof, child-resistant bags employed by some dispensaries — as a suitable means of storage or for access to daily stash. They’re not.
This post was originally published on March 31, 2017, it was updated on October 5, 2017.
Those who are traveling out-of-state or simply trekking across town to a friend’s home should rely upon air-tight storage containers such as special odor-proof canisters or the common glass canning jar. Those who need a smell-proof or lockable container will obviously be ill served by a canning jar and should check out the Stash Logix line of products or head to their local head shop or dispensary to purchase a purpose-designed device to best serve their needs.
Whether one employs inexpensive canning jars (probably the most common method of cannabis storage) or a luxury birch and walnut stash box featuring special storage spaces and jars, what matters is that cannabis consumers properly store their valuable flowers and concentrates at temperatures below 75 degrees, under humidity levels between 60 and 65 percent, and deprived of air flow and any light. When going mobile, one should strive to ensure that others simply can’t smell their cannabis.
Whether considering a gram or a pound, proper storage of cannabis is important to best preserve what is typically a significant investment in terms of money or time. Adequate storage of cannabis flowers prevents unnecessary degradation, which can result in lost potency, aroma, and flavor. Proper environmental conditions during storage preserve the nearly microscopic shimmery resinous trichomes that produce and contain cannabinoids and terpenes, the molecular source of all medicinal or psychoactive efficacy within the cannabis plant.

When frozen, cannabis trichomes (kief) are brittle and easily snap off the buds and leaf matter of the plant, becoming lost. If stored in plastic, like gallon freezer bags or sandwich baggies, trichomes tend to stick to the walls of the bag due to static electricity. Regardless of how one receives their cannabis medicine, storing in plastic bags and dispensary retail containers is a bad habit.

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