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weed growing bible

Weed growing bible
The final chapters provide helpful information on what to do after your bud is harvested, dried, trimmed, and expertly cured. Want to make hash? What about some edibles?
Are you planning on growing cannabis from seed, too? Check out our guide to CBD seeds! These feminized marijuana seeds have been bred to exhibit high levels of CBD (around 5-8%) while also displaying non-negligible levels of THC (also around 5-8%).
Chapters 12 through 14 will teach you how to care for mature plants. One section that may be most helpful for new growers involves troubleshooting. Unfortunately, almost all grow rooms, at one time or another, can be blighted by powdery mildew, spider mites, or other pests and pathogens. Learning how to spot the signs before they become full-blown infestations — and how to fix them — can be the difference between a good marijuana grower and a GREAT marijuana grower. You’ll also learn how to cure your buds for the perfect flavor and aroma.
These early chapters of the Grow Bible also explain the pros and cons of cultivating cannabis indoors vs. outdoors.
(Most of us are limited by our local climates; but if you’re struggling to decide whether to pursue an indoor or outdoor operation, you’ll find this section helpful.)
The Cannabis Grow Bible is your definitive guide to growing marijuana. The Grow Bible covers everything you need to know to grow beautiful, top-shelf cannabis — even if you’re just starting out.
In Chapters 6-11, you’ll learn the secrets of successfully growing cannabis indoors (in both soil and hydroponic set-ups), as well as outdoor cultivation.
But today, the Grow Bible isn’t the only life-changing book out there. Read on to discover the best marijuana grow books available right now.
(And if you’re growing marijuana indoors, check out our guide to the best LED grow lights!)
The Cannabis Grow Bible is a classic. But other marijuana grow books have a lot to offer, too. Discover the best books on growing weed — and why you need one.