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weed fruit

Weed fruit

All cannabis plants, both male and female, produce a flower. While cannabis is a flowering plant, it would be incorrect to call it a flower when it simply produces flowers. The distinction between male and female flowers is an important one, as it is the key to the reproductive success of cannabis.

There are three undisputed plants that we can identify as being within the genus of Cannabis. We often strictly associate marijuana (Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica) with cannabis, but we must also include hemp. As a whole, all three plants can be grouped within the genus of flowering plants in the Cannabaceae family. Even with that information, how cannabis is consumed may determine a different classification.
When we think of a vegetable, we likely think of things like spinach, carrots, and broccoli, all of which are from different parts of their plants. Spinach is the leaf of a plant. Carrots are the root of a plant and broccoli is the flower of a plant. When put into that context, cannabis is a herbaceous plant whose leaves can be used as vegetables. Most vegetables can be consumed either raw or cooked, and cannabis is no different in the fact that it loses some nutritional value when cooked.

So, like classifying a part of the cannabis plant as a vegetable, under certain contexts, we can classify parts of a cannabis plant as a fruit as well.
Since many achene fruits are consumed by humans, why not the cannabis version? Well, what we commonly known as hemp hearts is actually the dry indehiscent fruit of that cannabis plant. So, whole hemp hearts are not a seed, but a tiny fruit or nut containing a single seed. The dry exterior hugs the seeds so tightly that it resembles a seed coat.
Since you would be consuming the plant in a raw form that has not been through decarboxylation, the THC will not be activated, and hemp generally does not contain THC anyway. However, the raw leaves may contain some CBDA, but not enough to have an adverse effect.
If we are going to discuss cannabis as a vegetable, it only makes sense to consider if it could also be a fruit, right? Well, the female cannabis plants do, in fact produce fruit clusters. Some hemp fruits have even sometimes been cured in an attempt to heighten certain strains THC content; still, the use of all cannabis fruit is not common practice.
While the use of cannabis medicinally dates back to First Century CE in China and Africa, marijuana became a target during drug wars and is often shown in a negative light throughout most of the early 20th century. Now, it is on the rise again as more research has proven the medicinal properties making the use of marijuana and hemp more mainstream and accessible.

Is cannabis a vegetable? In some ways, yes, it is a vegetable. Since cannabis technically is a herbaceous plant, the edible product distinguished from its fruits and seeds can be referred to as a vegetable. Therefore, depending on the method of consumption, the cannabis leaves could be considered a vegetable.

Is Cannabis A Vegetable? SpainWeedGuide Editorial Team There are three undisputed plants that we can identify as being within the genus of Cannabis. We often strictly associate marijuana