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weed face mask

Weed face mask

You could probably eat this mix. Spread it on toast or use it as the base for a guacamole. It would be impossibly bland though. Spread on your face is a completely different story. This funky green paste is brimming with skin friendly essential oils, vitamins, omegas, essential fatty acids and lipoproteins.

The multiple healthy uses for the cannabis plant continue to unfold. It has a long history as a powerful physical and psychological medicine. Topical treatments of cannabis oils have been used for centuries for skin inflammations and rashes, bruising and dryness. The pleasant mildly citrus aroma of hemp oil is indicative of its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
There is no need to throw money at labels for the privilege of smearing chemicals on your skin. A few minutes of preparation will ensure a 100% organic and rejuvenating face mask that will put the most expensive brands to shame.

THC itself is an anti-inflammatory. You can use a psychoactive oil extract like any number that are commercially available. This could get expensive though as a face mask is not a hedonistic way to get your daily THC dose. The amount of THC absorbed through the skin will not get you high. When it comes to the skin THC is a highly effective antioxidant rather than a clinically useful, psychologically stimulating compound. Using this face mask won’t make you fail a swab at work.
This face mask harnesses the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory powers of cannabis oil extracts. All extracts of the cannabis plant work equally as well when it comes to making your skin feel naturally luxurious. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is peppered with cannabinoid receptors. This means that the beneficial properties of cannabinoids can be directly absorbed by the skin.
Before your skin cools, apply the face mask. With your fingers is mushy fun. With a brush there’s no cleanup, just apply, kick back and enjoy.
If you have access to shake or trimmings, then you can make your own canna infused oil. Olive oil and coconut oil will mix well with this face mask. Efficient ways to make canna infused oils can be found here.
Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that can work it’s miracles on skin as well. This 100% organic D.I.Y canna face-mask is easy to make and a pleasure to use. A natural product that reduces fine lines and gives your tired skin a lift.

Cannabis oils that don’t have any psychoactive properties like CBD oil and cold pressed hemp seed oil are equally beneficial. CBD oil is already gaining notoriety for its therapeutic benefits. Hemp seed oil has enjoyed an illustrious history as a topical application and dietary supplement. Both have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and hemp seed oil is stuffed with essential fatty and amino acids.

Easier than walking to the shops is this organic cannabis face mask full of vitamins, omegas and fatty acids.


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Cannabis Face Mask | Healthy Skin Care Routine For Black Women
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Hey ?? Fam So I got so much positive feedback on my original skincare routine so I want to incorporate more glowing skin, clear skin, acne prone regimes that can help us sista out ! This review on this cannabis infused face mask is a perfect start to a Healthy skin care series ! Let me know what products you use that clears skin so I can try them out !

Cannabis Face Mask | Healthy Skin Care Routine For Black Women ❤️*watch me in HD 1080p* ❤️ Hey ?? Fam So I got so much positive feedback on my original skinc…