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weed card games

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One deck of the Ganja card game includes 54 poker size cards
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Ganja Card Game is raising funds for Ganja: A Fun Educational Weed Themed Card Game 😉 on Kickstarter! A new card game of strategy challenging players to grow the largest cannabis farm. Slow your competitors or defend with action cards!

Weed card games

“If we keep playing games like this, we’ll all have a greater capacity to love ourselves.”

“I love the structured unstructuredness of it.”
Getting high doesn’t have to be about zoning out on the couch or getting stuck on the hamster wheel in your head! There is a better way.

“It’s hard to believe something noncompetitive
can be this intense.”
Intriguing conversation can light up your whole body with excitement.
So Marc and Jill set about creating a game to be played while high. For several months, they smoked together and generated over 1,000 ganja-fueled questions. Then they tested each question while stoned to make sure the game was aligned with the generous spirit of the plant.
A fresh and friendly way to enjoy cannabis, Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game features 100 open-ended questions and 25 marijuana-themed trivia cards that encourage wild and provocative insights, bringing friends and strangers closer, one stoned conversation at a time.
“I haven’t had this level of thoughtful conversation with most of my friends in a long time.”

Two to ten people play at a time.

Higher Thought: The Cannabis Game The Conversation You’ve Been Waiting for All Your Life Intriguing conversation can light up your whole body with excitement, especially in an altered