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It was a pleasant drive down through the Genesee Valley and points south. We made it all the way through PA and found ourselves winding around the mountainous streets of Frostburg MD by late afternoon. Janie attended Frostburg State for one semester before transferring to the UofMD, but she didn’t seem interested in visiting any of her old campus haunts – if there were any. Damned “A” students 😉

Last Saturday was spent at the Ben & Nancy’s House Warming. Yep, Ben Laabs, the newest of the new faculty – he’s starting his second year – and his wife, Nancy Mahlen have bought a house, and they wanted to show off their new digs. See, I told you they were great people. We had a fine time catching up on departmental doings. Now our objective is to get Ben & Nancy out to Naweedna. They are the last ones to make the pilgrimage, so it is becoming increasingly important to get ‘er done. Unfortunately, we are not good at these formal invitations, so they may just have to show up on our doorstep one day. Unscripted and unexpected visits are always the best, don’t you think?
This was not only a day for deer; it was also a day for GBHs and Kingfishers. We saw several of each. We also came around a gentle bend and were greeted by four Turkey just standing in the middle of the trail. They seemed more startled than we were; they ran down the trail a bit and then flew off into the trees – never to be seen again by us. We also saw a female Towhee. We’d seen several males, but this was the first female. I actually prefer the chocolate brown of the females.

After racking the bikes, we headed on down the road to Seneca SF where we secured a campsite. The camping fee is $11 but there is a 10% discount for Old Guys. That means the actual fee is $9.90, so we naturally put $10 in the envelope and were done with it – or so we thought. We’ve camped here before and the fee structure was exactly the same. That time we were greeted by a friendly Ranger Guy early the next morning. He bid us good morning and informed us that we’d overpaid by 10 cents after which he promptly handed Janie a shiny dime. Well, the exact same thing happened this time. The only difference was this dime was in a sealed envelope. Those Ranger dudes are noble citizens for sure.
Of course it helped that I only stayed two days.
Thursday 10/9/08 Watoga SP WV (day 2) …
RVan pulled onto Crossett around 8:30 and headed to … Letchworth. Why not start a trip with a leisurely drive though the park? Why not, indeed? We were greeted by a small herd of deer soon after entering the park. A bit farther down the road we saw a fine Red Fox cross in front of us, pausing just long enough to look at us as if to say “Can’t catch me” before taking himself and his bushy tail into the understory.
It is early evening and I am back in my own kitchen. Well, not my own, really. It’s the kitchen of the little four room ground floor apartment in the back of the pre-war walkup where I grew up; apartment 10-A. I’m just about table high; maybe a little shorter. The dinner dishes have been washed and dried and put away. Through the metal apartment door, the one we never locked all year long and never closed at all during the summer, the sounds of supper ending for the other families in the building filter softly into the house. I hear laughter, a raised voice, the sound of foot steps on the marble stairs and in the tiled hallways. I stand at the table near the kitchen doorway closest to that door to the outside where I cannot yet go on my own. The old table with the wooden legs and metal top is just inside the entrance into the narrow kitchen. The walls are the same color they have always been, the color they will always be until I leave in twenty or so years; bright shiny enamel yellow. Worn linoleum covers the floor. Beyond the table an old refrigerator hums; one of those things with the compressor on top looking like a stack of dishes. Behind that are a built in china cabinet and the big window where my mother stands each day to hang the wash she has done by hand in the big sink where she washes me, too.

Friday 10/10/08 Watoga SP WV to Greenbrier SF WV …

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