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waterfall gravity bong

Waterfall gravity bong
Jinn– (Arabic: جن‎, jinn), also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies. “Supernatural creatures”-Wikipedia Jinn
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Have been using a waterfall as my daily driver for half a year.
what i gathered, a water bong is when you put 2 holes in the bottom instead of cutting the entire bottom off.
I find a waterfall best when it comes to keeping the smoke inside (when making only one hole in the bottom) and easier to keep an even pull (controlling the waterflow with a finger)
This. But waterfalls suck. The smoke is ALWAYS stale af. With a gravity bong you control the hit and can call it a rip whenever you want.
Gravity bong: Base filled with water, separate bottle goes in that has the bottom come off. Light the bowl while pulling up, filling the bottle above the water. Once you can’t pull the bottle higher, put your mouth over the bottle top (usually where the bowl just was) and push down. This creates an effect that shoots the smoke down into your lungs.
I prefer gravity bongs to waterfalls, but it’s tough to call one definitively better. We used a gravity bong + sploof to smoke in the dorm back and college, since it can be done without any excess burnoff. Waterfalls have a higher chance of smoke escaping from the container.
Waterfall: Fill a bottle with water, light a bowl over top while the water exits, which pulls the smoke into the bottle. Once the bottle is full (of smoke, empty of water), you breath in the smoke. That is usually done by poking a few holes in the bottom, getting the draw correct.
The downside to the waterfall is that reusing the water is somewhat more difficult and thus it’s more of a hassle for repeated uses – eg. when camping in a forest.
I threw together a waterfall bong after browsing this sub for a few weeks. I didn’t intend to even keep it, it’s made from a large tea bottle with a gold in the bottom and bowl piece in the cap. It hits so good I can’t get rid of it! It’s so easy and available I should just make a new one.
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