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The new VSOP Space Vape packaging is gold and black. Older packaging and fake ones come in see-through plastic, and knock-off Space Vape packaging may feature copyrighted cartoon characters. Knock-off Space Vapes likely originate in China, as well, and sketchy companies overseas rarely invest in good, quality translators. If you see inconsistently capitalized words on the package, or if you see misspelled words, you’ve likely got a fake Space Vape.

VSOP Space Vape carts are known for their out-of-this-world alien aesthetic, ornate packaging, and delicious flavors. But are they real, legit products, are they just another batch of underground, unlicensed vape cartridges?
Space Vape says its flavors should always contain the word “Alien,” yet these Space Vape products featured on the Space Vape website have plain flavors like “Skywalker” and “Purple Dragon.”

Furthermore, the Space Vape website shows incomplete lab testing results for only one product batch. Typically, when cannabis companies share their lab data, they will show multiple results for only the most recent batches to hit the market. Space Vape has only provided lab data for a single batch from 2017, and the data lacks additional, key information, such as the batch’s pesticide levels and any error values. (For an example of what real lab results look like for licensed weed products, check one out here.)
Furthermore, there are other health issues stemming from fake vape carts. If you’re hitting a weed cart for medicinal purposes, you may not get much benefit from fake carts, which could contain very little or no THC or CBD. They may also contain toxic-levels of pesticide residues, heavy metals, or other dangerous contaminants.
Step Two: Check Your Space Vape Flavor
Some other signs that you’ve got an original Space Vape: There should be no “alien head” design on the cartridge, nor will the cartridge itself feature the words “Space Vape.” Additionally, the flavor’s name should always start with the word “Alien,” e.g. “Alien Strawberry.”
If your Space Vape product comes in any other flavor besides the eight listed above, you’ve got a knock-off… of a knock-off.

As it goes with spotting any fake vape cart, there are a few universal, tell-tale signs that you’ve got the real McCoy in your hands. If you’ve got a VSOP Space Vape, chances are you’re handling an unlicensed, unregulated product that’s not actually lab tested.

How can you tell if your Space Vape carts are the real deal? And what clues should you look for when identifying a counterfeit or fake?

This has to be the only negative feature to this cart that I can think of. Recently, there have been many Fake Space Vape cartridges going around. Getting these cartridges in the wrong hands may leave a bad experience, for instance the oil containing pesticides and artificial flavors. Fortunately, Space Vapes consistently update their products because of this reason. As long as you get from a reliable source and stay up to date with their content, you should be fine.

From the positive reputation, Space Vape has become very credible with all of their products coming in. With the Very Special or Premium line out, also known as VSOP, this THC cartridge proves to be high quality. The oil is very strong and potent as it claims to be. Although the quality of the oil is top notch on the Space Vape cartridge, the flavor of the hits tastes very natural and aren’t as flavorful. This neutral tasting cart isn’t that harsh and gives smooth hits. But watch out, reviewing this cart showed me you will get a lot more high than you’d expect it to.

Another thing I noticed is that these Space Vape cartridges aren’t for sale anywhere online, which is a great thing. Unlike other carts, like fake Dank Vapes or fake Exotic Carts, these are no where to be found for sale. All of these cartridges, for the most part, are being sold by Chinese manufacturers. After that, they sell these cartridges online in bulk for people to put in their own oil. After researching everywhere, Space Vape were nowhere to be found online for sale.
This cartridge may range from around $40-$50, which is a great price for its potency. Knowing that these cartridges come from a credible company gives me a lot more safety in smoking natural oil. Unlike the old Dank Vapes, the oil is not only a lot more clearer but cleaner. I will definitely buy these carts again because of how smooth and safe, especially because of their potency.
Personally, I believe that the Space Vape carts give just the right amount of terpenes and CBD to it. As shown in the beginning, the test results proves its quality. Containing a 100-1 THC to CBD flavor, these carts still gives a fascinating taste. Because of this, it does give an earthy taste of a mixture of pine and slight mint. Taste may not be as strong or flavorsome, but without a doubt they still gives a lasting, euphoric high.
The cartridge that Space Vape use is seen on many types of cartridges today. There is nothing special about them other than its simplicity and comfort. Also, these carts do have a twist on mouth piece, allowing you to reuse them. Giving smooth hits, the airflow of this cart made it easy and effortlessly to take hits.
Another thing to mention is they have tested positive in lab results, containing no pesticides and up to 91% THC. This can explain why the oil is very strong and compelling.


Space Vape is shown to be as potent as their lab results show. Alien King Louis gives pleasant hits, but this THC cartridge surprises with a powerful high.