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visalia cannabis club

Visalia cannabis club

“We want everyone to come out to the dispensary,” Hardin said. “We’re the leaders in the Valley. We’re the first in the Valley.

Valley Pure opened its doors to the public this week, nearly 18 months after voters approved recreational use of marijuana in California.
They welcomed dispensaries, a second will open this summer, along with cultivators and testers.

“We’ve been working really hard to make sure Woodlake is getting from us what they need,” said Wes Hardin, Valley Pure general manager. “We want to be stewards of our industry.”
Marijuana has come to Woodlake and with it, the expectation of big tax dollars.
The process to open has come with its fair share of challenges.
The process to operate a cannabis business is competitive and those who qualified had to go through a three-phase process before they were approved.
“It’s a very long process,” Community Services Director Jason Waters said.

In January, Gov. Jerry Brown estimated marijuana tax revenue could bring more than $640 million to the state.

Valley Pure opened its doors to the public. The Woodlake-based business is the first recreational dispensary to open in Tulare County.