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vietnam black strain

While not an ideal candidate for Sea Of Green applications, Black Willie is highly adaptable to Screen Of Green (ScROG) /trellised applications.

a sativa dominate variety
Flower time : 8-10 weeks or the End of October

Thcv: 2-8% on average on both versions
Of the 3 one made it to be mature. This was an astounding male that showed of glistening trichomes at the end of its bloom cycle.
The Black Willie high THC phenotype is a real nock out contender. It has the the defined Genetics of the Willie Nelson. Crossed back to a single male survivor of the Vietnam Black.
Cbd: 9-15% on average with the Cbd version
The Yield may vary due to growing conditions: med – heavy

While this strain can be classified as an “Exotic Sativa”, it’s easier to grow than most plants in this class and offers respectable yields in a reasonable amount of time. A plus with stretchy and longer flowering Sativas such as this, is that little if any, time is required for vegetative growth once plants are established. Lots of space for the limbs and roots are recommended for maximum results. Staking or trellising may be required to support dense colas at maturity on longer limbs.

Black Willie When our Willie Nelson strain is crossed back to the Vietnamese Black to create Old School Breeders Association Black Willy, all the desirable traits of the original cross are