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vegas head shops

Vegas head shops
Maybe they’ve chilled out with Med MJ laws.
Mr. Bill’s is a full fledged head shop. But do NOT suggest that you are looking for paraphenalia for the consumption of illegal substances. They need to pretend for legal purposes that all those bongs and vaporizers and such are for lawful use with tobacco. and those clensing products are for — I’m not sure!
Oh, there is (or used to be) a head shop on Fremont East, in the same block as Insert Coin. I’m not sure if they are still there, but that is where I learned about the then-legal product called “spice.” I didn’t try it, but I had not known of it until I saw their sign.
But they are very paranoid about any suggestion that their products are going to be used for illegal consumption.
You are right, I just looked it up. less than an ounce the first time is a 600 buck fine, and a possible drug course on the “evils” of marijuana use.
There is a shop inside Hawaiian Marketplace that sells pipes, bongs and accessories. It’s across the street from Monte Carlo and City Center, on the right side, easy to find!
@Promark, I think possession of a small amount without intent to sell is a misdemeanor. But we have Med MJ cards — it makes possession by cardholders of small quantities for personal use legal, but it is impossible to buy it legally.
I thought possession of pot in nevada was only a midemeanor. Is this correct?
How strictly do the police enforce this among tourists? I mean it really doesn’t matter to me, i am just asking for a friend. ; )
Answer 11 of 35: Are there any on or close to the strip? They can be so hard to locate by searching maps and such as they can be labeled as smoke shops which dont always have the items i would be looking for. Any suggestions?