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vapor smoke tricks

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Vaping upped the ante, by providing us with richer, thicker, fuller vapor as fuel for such tricks thanks to the powerful box mods that most vapers use (you can even do these tricks if you’re using a smaller vape pen or similar devices). Smoke tricks are yesterday’s news. Even if you think somebody “doing the dragon” by blowing huge streams of vapor from his mouth and nostrils looks rather stupid instead of, you know, an actual dragon, you have to admit that tricks like this are impossible with “analog smoking”. There, that’s another bonus of switching to vaping, apart from all the health advantages of quitting the “hobby” of inhaling burning paper and tobacco: you can play around with the fluffy clouds you blow. After lots of practice, trial and error, you might even be able to mold them into specific shapes – a whirlwind, a jellyfish, a depiction of Robocop riding a unicorn.

When vaping to quit smoking, you want some “throat hit” – a feeling similar to the one produced when inhaling cigarette smoke. And that means some Propylene Glycol (PG for short) in your juice. The more PG, the harsher the throat hit.
After this, and some more practice – and understanding of how you can “push and pull” the air around you to affect your vapor, you might find yourself changing the direction an o-ring travels multiple times, or toying with multiple o-rings bringing to mind the scene from the first Matrix where Neo stopped a bunch of bullets mid-air.
If you keep your movements smooth and gentle when you finish exhaling, placing your glass down, the vapor will remain there at least the time you’ll need to take out your smartphone and upload a photo of your “trick” on your favorite social media service.
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You start by placing your hand on a flat surface like a table. Then you slowly blow as much vapor as you can over it. It should spread on the flat surface creating a fluffy cloud around your hand. Then, with an as-rapid-as-you-can move, turn your hand vertically and raise it up. The twist-and-rapid-lift of your hand should turn the vapor into a whirlwind shape, that will start traveling on the flat surface.

To pull it off, inhale as much vapor as you feel comfortable with – don’t overdo it, or the next step might fail: while keeping the vapor in your lungs, start pushing it out in your mouth, “collecting it” there. Make an O-like shape with your lips and then either try lightly coughing (not too much, like if you’re trying to gently get the attention of the person sitting next to you) repeatedly. While keeping your tongue inside your mouth but placed right in the middle of your, now O-shaped, lips. The logic behing this is that your lips will form the roundish shape of the O-rings, your tongue will be the reason “they have a hole in the middle”. The micro-burst of air, coming from your lung, while coughing, will push the vapor out of your mouth. The first two or three bursts won’t look like O-rings but the more you try, the better they’ll get.

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Applying a spin when blowing smoke rings will keep them in shape for much longer than when you don’t. If you just blow vapor in the shape of an “o” without any spin, the “o” will dissipate before it even gets formed.

How long have you practiced. Only dragons are supposed to be born with the ability to blow fire and smoke rings. Since you are not one, you should practice the right technique and form, time and time again.
Since your repertoire of trick is tied to your vape’s cloud production, your vape device should be one that properly balances power supply, output, and airflow.

There are stages to any skill or trick so we will start with the easiest way to blow smoke rings before you proceed to the more difficult or advanced levels of blowing smoke rings. Start by making a vape ring by taking vapor into your mouth. You then shape your lips into a circle before taping your cheek. Once your mouth is in the right “O” shape, each tap of your cheek will send out a little ring.
Powerful mods and atomizers are not all that is needed to do vape tricks at a high level. You also need high-quality batteries that will help your device handle the strain, while optimized coils are also very important too.
The preferred device for this level of vaping is a box mod that’s powered by two or more batteries although recent models of single and internal battery mods have sufficient power. For lots of advanced cloud chasers, unregulated devices are preferred because RDA’s tend to work the best. Vaporesso Delta and Luxe deserve a try.
If the vapor you inhale is not enough, there is no way you will make smoke rings. This is because the smoke rings are made of lots of vapor. So when there isn’t enough vapor, there won’t be any smoke rings to produce.
With this you now know the way your mouth should be shaped and the right amount of vapor you need to push out to get a good ring. Once you have gotten this far ,the next step is to start pushing the vapor out with your tongue or with short breaths .The bigger smoke rings which everyone will admire will only start coming when you master the technique of pushing the vapor with your throat.

Getting the right form or the right “O” shape of your mouth involves flattening your lips against your teeth, and not puckering them too much or curling them inward. You won’t be able to blow smoke rings if you are not able to assume this form.

Blowing a smoke ring is a fundamental trick in the vapers trick arsenal. Learn how with our simple how to guide.