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vaping rosin

This is definitely the difference between dewinterized extracted BHO and rosin (or even wax) with all of the plant lipids in there.

But you should get better info on this from maybe Gman or Samuraisam who does extractions for a job. @ SamuraiSam
This is also way I say the only wax pen coils you “should” use with rosin are;

Yeah, you can winterize it but then you are back to hydrocarbon solvents
When I dab it I also get more gunk in the banger afterwards versus when I dab shatter.
Thanks for any help!
Is rosin just not “clean” enough? What exactly is still left in rosin after you press it? I’ve read different things, waxes and lipids?
More plant lipids (which includes waxes) and such?

BHO and PHO (also ethanol extractions) mostly employ winterizing or dewaxing in the process. Rosin does not do this at all.

I'm starting to think rosin just isn't a great concentrate to use in vape pens or in cartridges, does anybody have thoughts on this? I've been trying to find a good thinner to mix with my rosin to squeeze it into vape cartridges, but I'm not having great results and I think it's the rosin and not…