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us dispatch

The mission of US Dispatch Corp. is to become the recognized leader in the local, regional and national dispatch and delivery service markets.

USDC employees will be empowered to make decisions and trusted to protect our clients’ rights.
USDC will employ high-tech approaches to all aspects of operation.

USDC will provide its clients with quality service and maintain a high retention rate.
USDC will aim to perfect the dispatch/call center concept in such a manner that it is reproducible nationwide.
Corporate Name: US Dispatch Corporation
Address: PO Box 19496, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone Number: 206-505-9748
Fax Number: 206-682-9558
Federal Tax ID Number: 91-2103260
President: Gary E. Brose
USDC will provide cost effective solutions to dispatch-centric clients.
USDC clients will gain a synergistic value that far exceeds their expectations.

USDC will provide a positive work environment that applauds effort, rewards results and encourages bottom-up management.

US Dispatch

Us dispatch

Maybe your spouse or family doesnпїЅt have the time to find your loads or maybe they’re just tired of it!

And, . . . WeпїЅve Done It All ,
Having a hard time keeping your truck loaded?

We’ve driven and hauled cars, so we know what it takes!
We find the loads for you
Let US Auto Dispatch dispatch YOU!

US Auto Dispatch is an auto transport dispatch service
US Auto Dispatch finds auto transport loads
US Auto Dispatch becomes your dispatcher
US Auto Dispatch becomes your dispatch office

We have the time to look for the loads

US Auto Dispatch is a dispatch service to helpпїЅkeep your auto transport truck loaded.