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urine filter for drug test


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Often, the tester will simply remove the required hair sample from your scalp and it will be processed in a lab for testing. The testing process is similar to urine tests, with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, followed by a GC-MS test to confirm positive results.

So, what can you do when you are faced with a drug test? The more you know about the type of test, your timeline, and your cannabis consumption habits, the better.
THC generally stays in your system the longest of any of the tested drugs. Depending on many factors, including body mass, frequency of use, and metabolism, traces of marijuana can show up in your urine from 2 days to 3 months, with the average time being 30 days for most users to be clean after cessation.
Famous for its alkaline state, Lemon juice is widely known as a detox drink. Many report that lemon juice flushes THC metabolites in small quantities. As a rule of thumb, mix one tablespoon of organic lemon juice with half a liter of water. For best results, drink several of these lemon-water mixes a day for the weeks before your drug test. The beauty of lemon juice is that you can drink it anywhere without raising suspicion.
Sometimes we’re still in disbelief that companies drug test their employees for weed. Given that cannabis is used by all sorts of people to successfully treat anxiety and depression — among countless other ailments — patients and consumers will function better at work if they’re allowed to use their medicine. It seems cruel that addictive pharmaceuticals such as benzodiazepines are chill if they’re doctor-prescribed, but for those who prefer a natural route to treat anxiety or pain, one piss test could leave you unemployed.
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Urine drug tests use certain cut-off levels to indicate a specific amount of the tested substance. Drug test results are typically in nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml), and the cut-off level for THC is 50 ng/ml.

So you have to pass a drug test… We have you covered! Check out your best options for passing a urine, blood, or hair drug test.