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turn rosin into vape oil

OK baconbro, listen up I got you.

Nugs and hugs fellow ents
Once I’ve got the bud set up, I’ll pack it into a dense mass by squeezing and rolling it in the parchment paper. Density is key here. Place the mass inside the parchment paper between the heating plates, somewhere between 225-275F is good enough. Too hot and it can be very sappy; too low and yield suffers.

Now take your rosin and just like you said, mix it into some ejuice and heat very much on low, every so often shaking it and watching for homogenization. Once you’ve added as much rosin as you can and are starting to see a little bit of undissolved rosin, you’re good. Eventually you’ll get the hang of how much you can dissolve and won’t go over.
Just note, if you’re using an ejuice cart with the cotton filler like blu, it’s gonna be rough. You’re much better off with a tank or dripper setup. If you’re using rebuildables, you can honestly just put a dab right on the coil and go nuts. Good luck!
What I do is once I press, open up the paper and remove the puck/chip whatever you wanna call it. I use a very sharp pocket knife to scrape up all the oil, then I use a silicone mat to pull it off the blade. Couple more presses on that mass for good measure and you’re solid.
Is it possible to make ejuice infused with rosin the same way they do with dabs? The way they infuse it with dabs is use a 1/10 ratio with 1/10 rosin to 9/10 ejuice put it in a shot glass and heat while stirring occasionally until the dab has completely dissolved. Making rosin later today and don’t have a rig. Btw my press is a infinitipro conair digital with a dewalt 600 lb clamp I plan to take the plate and display off the strainer and use epoxy to connect them to the clamp pads. Do you guys think my set up would work? Sorry for all the questions I just found this out yesterday and bought all these things on an impulse to desperately try concentrates. Btw the straightener goes down to 210 I plan to use it at 225.
If you’ve any kind of shoulder strength, you can just use the straightener as is. Get your nug, put it into a piece of folded up parchment paper. Once you squeeze this bud, the rosin can actually smash out pretty far so you want plenty of parchment paper so you don’t lose any to it leaking out and sizzling on the heating plates.

First of all it’s a pleasure meeting another baconbro. I just turned on my straightener and the lowest it actually goes is 266 is that low enough? And I have a rebuildable vape and I know bout putting it right on the coil but I wanted something discreet and stealthy for on the go tokeing

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When I dab it I also get more gunk in the banger afterwards versus when I dab shatter.

But you should get better info on this from maybe Gman or Samuraisam who does extractions for a job. @ SamuraiSam
THCa is actually contained in a lipid, so they aren’t all bad.

This is also way I say the only wax pen coils you “should” use with rosin are;
This is definitely the difference between dewinterized extracted BHO and rosin (or even wax) with all of the plant lipids in there.
I’m starting to think rosin just isn’t a great concentrate to use in vape pens or in cartridges, does anybody have thoughts on this?
I’ve been trying to find a good thinner to mix with my rosin to squeeze it into vape cartridges, but I’m not having great results and I think it’s the rosin and not what I’m mixing it with. I think it fouls up the wicks/heating elements too quickly, and for some reason it’s not fully mixing with my terpenes.
Is rosin just not “clean” enough? What exactly is still left in rosin after you press it? I’ve read different things, waxes and lipids?

Thanks for any help!

I'm starting to think rosin just isn't a great concentrate to use in vape pens or in cartridges, does anybody have thoughts on this? I've been trying to find a good thinner to mix with my rosin to squeeze it into vape cartridges, but I'm not having great results and I think it's the rosin and not…