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truth og

Truth og

“It looks like you have a keeper,” polygraph expert Marvin told the couple.

How did Dimitri do? He passed — and there was “no deception indicated” with key points including if he has other girlfriends (no), using her for money (no) and if he’s an honest person (yes).
Amber has admitted to having a tough time trusting men in the past, and now, the teen mom expressed the very same concerns about her current man Dimitri. The reason: Stories about their romance began to circulate in the press, and the mother of two believed the Belgian had something to do with the reports. Amber’s way of getting to the bottom of her doubts? A lie detector test — something the Indiana native did before with her former fianc√© Matt.

“To have somebody who actually cares and loves me and is honest and truthful — now I know I can finally just be this way and not worry about somebody trying to take my money or build fame,” an emotional Amber stated. “It’s pretty intense right now — I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”
On tonight’s episode, Dimitri revealed his true self
“All I want from a guy is honesty,” Amber told Gary during tonight’s episode. “I feel like I’m way honest with men, which is how they get me.”
Amber revealed to Leah’s father that she has struggled with understanding a romantic interest’s “intentions” — and how she experienced this with Matt.
Dimitri later confessed he felt relief, while Amber admitted she trusted her man but had trepidation about giving herself “full on” to him.

But back to Dimitri. Amber wanted the polygraph expert to ask her beau if he was with her for the right reasons and was being honest — and if he failed the assessment, Amber insisted he would be “gone.”

On tonight's episode, Dimitri revealed his true self