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true og seeds

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There’re a lot of different strains which are simple to grow by yourself, but True OG seeds definitely are one of the easiest. Even a person, who has never ever heard about cultivating weed, can easily manage it. This cannabis is very easy to grow, just go to your nearest seed bank or order here and try it yourself! After planting, True OG seeds need about 7 to 9 weeks to flower (pretty fast flowering time, huh?) to produce nice and dense buds covered in beautiful leaves. The strain isn’t susceptible to general diseases and has pretty good resistance to the common types of molds and mildew.
True OG Strain’s track record holds as the one of the most potent strains. True Og Weed hits your body hard added with mind stimulation, which provides the effect that is long lasting and intense. Get to know more about the white berry seeds. True OG Seeds’ variety is mostly indica with a photoperiod flowering type, CBD content is low about 0-1%, yield is very high and its plant height is medium. Its flowering time is about 56-62 days and can be grown indoors.

OG stands for ocean grown. This True OG Seeds are a very well known indica from Southern California. The highly recognized OG Kush is where it gets the genes from. True OG Weed is sufficiently strong that gives you the lasting and relaxing effects with a mixture of being highly focused. The aroma of the flower has the crisp citrus, evergreen, pungent smell and a lemon cleaner taste. In 2010, True OG Strain got the indica spot of second place during the High Time Medical Cup. True Og Weed produces top-notch levels of THC with flower blooms are heavily resonated and dense with the neon green hue.
True OG truly is a wonderful weed. It makes you feel good both physically and mentally. Step by step, you will feel how every muscle in your body says adios to tension or pain, and how your mind becomes more focused and happy. Take a higher dose and you are guaranteed to have a couchlock situation.
True OG is widely used for medical purposes to help people who are experiencing some problems. She’s often used to reduce pain levels, as she provides strong muscle relaxation. Also, her potent uplifting effect on a user’s mind makes fighting depression or stress a bit easier; though it won’t heal it completely. Due to the high THC level, this marijuana can make you sleep like a baby, so you can forget about insomnia.
The term “OG” definitely has a lot of meanings. But if we’re talking about True OG seeds in particular and the famous OG family in general, we mean “ocean grown” weed seeds from Southern California. True OG marijuana competed in the High Times Medical Cup and earned second place.
True OG seeds are one of many cannabis seeds phenotypes in the big OG family. This particular strain is known and loved for its strong effect on both your mind and body. Coming from the sunshine state of California, this strain with strong Indica dominance is rapidly increasing its number of fans. Although True OG is not only famous for its effects and lineage, she is a popular choice with growers who are either inexperienced or who just don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort cultivating weed. You can buy True OG feminized seeds online in our shop!

True OG has a strong earthy and pungent flavor with just the right hint of berries. The taste is quite strong and even skunky, leaving a kind of spicy and citrus aftertaste in your mouth.

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