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tropical seeds

Tropical seeds

We have a wide range of premium quality marijuana seeds in regular and feminized way.

Study, Preserve & Share authentic #Landraces
#seedbank Providing Regular & Feminized Premium #CannabisSeeds for over 10 years!
feat: @TropicalSeedsCo
Our project Tropical Seeds Company started with the firm goal of preserving and maintaining the diversity of Cannabis Sativa L in a world where the local genetics are being lost.

Due to the recent events with the state of global alert and as we know that many of you will run out of seeds because they are not considered essential products. From Tropical Seeds Co we are making our best efforts to continue our service. Read more
Don’t forget also to dive into our Blog – News area where we’ll keep you informed on every Project we are developing, cannabis reviews, new strains and limited editions that will be coming up and lots more.
From now on you´ll be able to take a look to our Cannabis Strains section, with a good number of different and interesting strains.
The Cannabis plant is dioecious, that means that it has different genres with different characteristics. Male and female to be exact and to simplify, since both sexes can also be displayed at the same time. Most growers focus their work on females, and that makes. Read more
Tropical Seeds Company is happy and proud to announce our project. We´ve worked hard to create a new space where we can show all the work we´ve been doing these last years.

You will have the possibility of acquiring your cannabis seeds easily worlwide trough our Shop!

Tropical Seeds Company is a seedbank of cannabis seeds. A breeding project envolving landraces to create fresh and quality strains of cannabis.