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triple xl

Triple xl

Over $90 to all 50 states

The potency and yield of contemporary auto-flowering varieties have dramatically improved over the last decade. Triple XL, for instance, proves that it is possible for an auto to have cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are comparable with photoper. Read More

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There was also a third strain used in making Triple XL – Green Crack. It is notorious for instantly invigorating the mind and the body. By infusing it with the two others, the result is a strain that stays true to its Indica heritage yet could provide a snappy mental stimulation during the onset.
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Green Crack showcases flashes of its signature traits in Triple XL soon after taking a hit or two. A euphoric sensation swarms into the head and wipes out the cobwebs. It heightens the senses and most especially the ability to focus. The intensity of the cerebral high is profound yet not at all overwhelming and cause a trippy ride to oblivion. Far from it, the reinvigorating rush could even inspire more productivity – at least only during the initial stage.
Some trimming, and pruning in the lower branches help in ensuring a better airflow. A small oscillating fan could be used to cast a slight breeze. Besides affording fresh air, the mild movement helps strengthen the stems.
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In a market driven by the need for quick flowering strains, a significant amount of effort was undertaken to develop an auto-flowering variety by adding the genes of a Ruderalis. It may have taken generations, but the project came to a successful end once a stable mother emerged – one that has excellent reliability. Triple XL is now a reality, and its auto-flower seeds are available at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Triple XL Autoflower strain is among the most relaxing and incredibly prolific weeds in the world, requiring only 8-9 weeks to go from seeds to harvest.